Safari World Bangkok, Thailand – Know What to Expect

My number one agenda to Bangkok aside from shopping was to visit the Safari World. I’d requested to reserve one day for the tour. I’m happy that the rest of the ladies would also want to visit their relatives. hahah! Kidding.

Safari World is divided in two areas, the open space of Safari Park where you can drive through in your car and experience the African wilderness setting and Marine Park which is more of a traditional zoo that offers different kind of shows, food stalls and souvenir shops.

Safari World is located at Northern Bangkok, about 45 minutes drive from the city center. We arranged a van for the tour with tourist guide. It’s the same car we used to explore the Safari Park.


It’s one of a kind experience and it’s impressive. Although, the animals are limited but It’s nice to see them in their somewhat natural like habitat, wherein they are not cage and freely wander around and mingle with the other animals. It will give you a chance to have a closer look at them and the ride also provides excellent photo opportunities. While stepping out of the car is profited, you can open your windows. Just be attentive of the animals that might run to your opened windows. Nobody wants to be home with incomplete body parts, so be careful. As you drive through the park, you can stop your car as you wish but there are few rules that you have to follow: Drive slowly, don’t feed the animals, don’t honk or make loud noises.

Some of the of animals you’ll find freely walking are camels, rhinos, deer, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and many kinds of tropical birds. While the lions and bears have separate free habitat too.



Animals you can find at the Marine Park are crocodile, walrus, kangaroos, orang utans, monkeys, tapirs, kinds of tropical birds and giant fishes. Aside from zoo animals, there are different animal shows. Make sure to take the list of the shows, it will help you to manage your tour and catch the shows on time.

Shows to watch:

  • Orang Utan Boxing
  • Sea Lion
  • Water Ski
  • Hollywood Cowboy stunt show
  • Dolphin show
  • Spy War Actions Stunt Spectacular
  • Bird show

All shows except tiger feeding take place in the Marine Park section.

My favorite part of the park is the Giraffe Feeding Terrace, where you can have a close encounter with them. You can feed the giraffes too, buckets of food can be bought for 40 Baht.

I’ve watched most of the shows and my favorite is the “dolphin show”, so far it’s the best I’ve ever watched. While, the tiger feeding I didn’t dare to try. Maybe, on my next visit to Thailand I will experience it when the tiger is way bigger. hahahah!




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28 thoughts on “Safari World Bangkok, Thailand – Know What to Expect

    • Hahaha! I’ve tried the night safari in Singapore, a bit scary too because it’s an open tram ride, what if the Lions will jump into heheh!

      Bangkok Safari is super fun, the close encounter with the animals is a good thing to experience.


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