EMPIRE PRO Massage Chair Review – Read to Know Everything Before You Decide!

A full-body massage at the comfort of your home anytime you want. Who doesn’t want that? I’ve been wanting to have one for such a long time. And almost all the brands in the market, I’ve already sat to try. So, I’m aware that it’s not cheap. The usual industry prices for a premium massage chair ranges from S$3,000-S$5,000.

Fast forward to today, I no longer need to do that. I’m happy to share with you that I finally have a premium massage chair that is super affordable and provides all the massage functions I need.

EMPIRE is a home-grown brand that is loved by many Singaporeans. The brand understands the local needs. Aside from making it affordable for us, from S$ 1,399 we can already own a premium massage chair that has very similar features as those high-end brands. They also consider that we need a unit that easily fits into our home.

It’s worth considering, if you are looking for something that is cost-saving while it’s also aesthetically beautiful and space-saving.

EMPIRE PRO Massage Chair Key Features:

Industry Leading S/L Track – An industry-leading massage track that covers the entire body for a complete full-body experience. It is an extra-long track that reaches all the way to the bottoms and inner thigh.

Advanced 3D Massage Technology – Advanced 3D Techniques that mimics the real-life hand movement to deliver messages that are as close to a real-life massage experience. Real life technique such as kneading, tapping, knocking, rolling and deep tissue push.

AI Body Scan – An important technology that scans every individual’s body and height, so that the massage can be tailored to the exact positions of each person’s shoulders, back, spine and thighs. This is very useful because everyone has different heights and can be easily shared across any family members.

Real-Life Thai Stretch – A unique signature program whereby the whole chair will move and stretch you to mimic a real-life Thai massage experience.

Zero Gravity – The chair can tilt up to 180 degrees which give you a feeling of floating in the air and relieve pressure off your spine.

High Quality PU Leather – Built to last and withstand long years of usage while easy to maintain.

Tilt up to 180-degree

EMPIRE PRO Massage Chair Personal Review

I personally love Advanced 3D Massage Technology. The massages such as kneading, rolling, tapping, and more feel so real. After 20 mins, my back pain was gone. Also, if you want a deeper press on your shoulder, you can move up the head cover to place your head underneath. The Thai Stretch is such a cool feature too. I’m surprised that the whole chair moves and stretches like a Thai massage.

The Bluetooth speaker is something that I didn’t realize I would need. It’s good to listen to relaxing spa music or your favorite songs or audio book while enjoying your 180-degree tilt. It adds to the whole massage experience.

The size is designed for Singapore home at only 70cm x 150cm (to 160cm when reclined). It is one of the smallest full body massage chairs in the market. You can place it in your living room or beside your bed. It is also built to perfectly cater to the standard range of height of Singaporean men and women.

I love the sleek design and color tone that will easily blend into any home interior.

I encourage you to head to their showroom to try for yourself at CT Hub, #09-19 2 Kallang Avenue Singapore 339407. It’s best to book an appointment at https://empire.sg/pages/visit-showroom

This EMPIRE PRO massage chair that I have is priced from S$1,999 (on promotion) with a 1-year onsite local warranty and free delivery and setup. For those that prefer a softer massage, you can also try their EMPIRE massage chair that starts at an impressive S$1,399 only.

Both models are currently available to purchase directly via website at www.empire.sg. Do check them out while stocks last at these promotional prices!


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