Kowayo Aesthetic Reviews: Signature Dark Eye Circle Treatment

I finally did it! I regretted that it took me so long before I decided to go for it and fix my eyebags problem. I’ve been planning about this for years after I gave up on undereye cream. I’ve used different types, even the expensive brands. I didn’t get the result I wanted. I still look older, my eyes are looking tired, and I even have doubled eyebags at times.

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Details of My Mosaic Laser Treatment at IDS Orchard

I was back to my recent go-to place skin clinic to try the Mosaic laser treatment and to replenish some of my skincare products. As some of you might know, I started my skin journey with IDS in April 2021. It’s been 4 months trusting IDS to take care of my skin. My friends, family, and even work colleagues have noticed the glow of my skin and a few of them asked why I’m getting younger. I’m not sure if I should trust their judgement (hahaha..) but I believe them anyway. I see and feel the improvement in my skin these past months.

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Top Facts To Know About Oily Skin

Does your face look shiny most of the time? Does your makeup easily slide off your face? Does your face get oily fast even after washing it? Do pimples pop up left and right, or do you tend to have stubborn blackheads? If you said yes to some of these questions, you have oily skin type. Dealing with these struggles every day can take a toll on your confidence, but it has its perks, you will tend to have a natural glow, and show signs of aging much later.Read More »