Gogoprint For Our Printing Needs (Personal or Corporate)

When I was a bit younger (ehem I’m still young at heart), I used to love pretty bookmarks & stickers. Like, who among us have never been impressed in their childhood by nice colorful stickers with cartoon characters on them? Now that I’m older, I still use bookmarks, and I also fell in love with name cards that are pretty yet professionally designed, especially when it makes a good first impression. And who has never spent long minutes when they travelled abroad, hesitating between a bunch of postcards, trying to pick the best ones to send to their families and close friends?

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10 Survival Tips I’ve Learned From Living Abroad

I had a conversation with another expat working for the first time away from her home country and away from her family. She asked for tips in how to survive working abroad, considering that I have been an overseas foreign worker for 6 years in Singapore plus my few years studying high school in Saudi Arabia. I don’t consider myself an expert in expat living but I shared with her some of the things I did learn along the way in my few years working abroad. These tips somehow worked for me and I hope it would help other expats especially new expats in thriving and making the most of their time in a foreign land.Read More »

6 Tips to Save Money and Travel More

I just can’t get enough of traveling, from exploring Indonesia and the Philippines to hopping on a cruise ship for a sunset sail dinner. However, traveling is not very cheap. If you want to do it regularly, you’ll need to find ways to increase your savings and to get your trips at the best possible price, which will allow you to explore even further! Here are six tips to save money and travel more.Read More »