Things to Do & Hotels Recommendations in Singapore

There are many ways to make your vacation a fun moment, even if you are just in Singapore. There are so many things to explore, if not, change your usual surrounding by booking a staycation or spending time visiting various interesting destinations that are just around you.

Vacation is subjective to individual needs and interests but a calm stroll somewhere nice, a quiet rest on a very comfy bed, and enjoying the best meal will never be out of the common things we instantly enjoy.

Things to Do in Singapore

Enjoy your time by walking around the city of Singapore is the easiest escape out of your daily routine. You can visit various popular places, such as museums, historical buildings, shopping centers, island tours, visit popular tourist spots you’ve never been to before, and the list goes on.

One thing good about Singapore is there’s always new to explore and food to try. Thus, resident like myself is lucky in a way that we can visit places that interest us at any time. Unlike foreign tourists who have to plan a vacation for days or even weeks.

At times, work gets very tiring and frustrating, the best way is to take time off. But if taking leave from work is not possible, we can allocate our weekend easily by spending it on relaxation. It could be visiting that place you have been wanting to do but always putting off. There’s always something interesting things to do for everyone in Singapore. You can visit Garden By The Bay as there are always new activities, like this season, “Alice in Wonderland” is here. But if you need to shake off that stress, go to Clarke Quay for some booty moves, a good drink, or a nice meal.

While if you are like me, shopping and eating are my therapy, Orchard Road, Chinatown, and Marina Bay Sands are the places to be. The “Spectra – A light and Water Show” at MBS never fails to relax me. Some of you might be interested in exploring nature, a trip to Pulau Ubin or Lazarus Island is a good choice, or probably trekking to the forest that you’ve been planning to or exploring the Kay Siang to find abandoned World War II bunkers. The recommended activities are too many to mention, I’m sure you’re familiar with most of them.

However, if you just want to disappear from your usual environment you can consider a staycation alone, with your loved ones or friends. If you want to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city you can look for a hotel that offers a calm atmosphere.

In Singapore, there are various choices of hotels that you can try but I’d like to recommend below.

Hotels Recommendation in Singapore

The Lion City has a variety of hotels with various offers of facilities and attractive prices. Here are 2 recommendations for cheap hotels for you.


Champion Hotel is one of the attractive hotels that you can make as a choice of place to stay. If you are looking for a hotel that offers affordable prices, Champion is the answer. This hotel is also very comfortable and will make you feel at home during your stay here.

Guest rooms at Champion Hotel are equipped with flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, refrigerators, and also Wi-Fi so you can enjoy free internet access while in this hotel. The hotel also offers a 24-hour front desk, and there is free parking for guests.

Don’t forget to stop by some popular places near Champion Hotel, such as Singapore Indoor Stadium, and National Stadium, and you should also try a meal at several nearby restaurants, including JUMBO Seafood, 328 Katong Laksa, or Satay By The Bay.

VILLAGE HOTEL KATONG by Far East Hospitality

Village Hotel Katong by Far East Hospitality is a hotel that offers a friendly atmosphere for families supported by various adequate facilities so that during your stay here you will get comfort.

This hotel has guest room facilities, such as a flat screen tv, minibar, and air conditioning. And what is certain, this hotel also provides free internet to pamper its guests. Don’t forget to try the swimming pool and enjoy the free breakfast.

Try to go out to some famous places near this hotel such as National Stadium, and Marina Barrage, and there are also historical places such as Chijmes, Emerald Hill, and Lau Pa Sat Festival Pavilion. If you want to taste Italian dishes, you can visit the nearby Italian restaurants which are very popular in this place, such as Positano Risto, La Bonne Table, and Al Forno Restaurant, the food offered is quite delicious.

Those are some things to do and hotel recommendations around Singapore. Don’t forget to book your hotel room and attractions tickets only from Traveloka!


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