GIVEAWAY & My Favorite Trips in Asia

TRAVEL GIVEAWAY! Plus I am sharing with you my top 5 favorite trips around asia. And at the bottom you’ll find the details of the giveaway.

1. Canyoneering with my Daughter in Cebu, Philippines.

When it’s my turn, I just stand at the tip of the cliff, like I was glued on it. While staring at the water and some fighting happening on my head, if I should do it or not. Once you proceed with the first jump there’s no turning back. And to add up to my fun motivation, remembering the super macho guy with tattoos all over his body, who happened to jump before me. And who was terribly shaking, maybe because of excitement, hahaha! He’s the reason why it took me awhile to jump off the first cliff of approximately 20-25 feet high into the water. Read more…


2. Maldives trip with my roomie. 


I’ve share my recommended things to do in Maldives. You might want to catch it for your Maldives trip planning. Read more…


3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my best friend.

Visited KL, Malaysia for few times and there’s more than just visiting the famous Petronas Twin Towers and even more than the 10 things I’ve listed.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it’s the largest city in the country. While it embraced modernity with its towering skyscrapers and technology, you can observed that the culture, traditional customs and religious belief are still deeply practiced. Read more…


4. Japan Trip with my flatmates.

I reached the top of the mountain not wearing my hiking shoes but with the determination to see what’s on top of the summit. Sometimes my curiosity puts me in trouble — hahaha! And I always have this notion every time I travel that I should do what I can do at the moment and treat every destination like it could be my last visit. Therefore, YOLO (now wasak later — heheheh!). Read more…


5. Bangkok, Thailand trip with my favorite ladies from Manila.

My number one agenda to Bangkok aside from shopping was to visit the Safari World. I’d requested to reserve one day for the tour. I’m happy that the rest of the ladies would also want to visit their relatives. hahah! Kidding. 

Safari World is divided in two areas, the open space of Safari Park where you can drive through in your car and experience the African wilderness setting and Marine Park which is more of a traditional zoo that offers different kind of shows, food stalls and souvenir shops. Read more…


While October is my birthday month, I am giving away travel vouchers worth PHP 1,500 (USD 30) that you can use around Asia for your tours or accommodation. This is in collaboration with Easy Wander Travel. We will run 2 giveaways one on Facebook and one on Instagram. Below is the mechanics on how to join.


Facebook Page Giveaway Mechanics

  1. Like our Facebook pages My Farrahdise & Easy Wander Travel. 
  2. Share this post on Facebook (make sure it’s in Public setting for us to verify your entry).
  3. Tell us where do you want to travel at the comment section on my Facebook giveaway announcement and tag 3 friends.


Instagram Giveaway Mechanics

  1. Follow us on Instagram myfarrahdise & easywandertravel.
  2. Head to myfarrahdise instagram and look for the giveaway post and follow through.



  • This is an international giveaway.
  • Giveaway ends on 30th October 2017.
  • We will announce the winners on 31st October 2017.
  • One winner for Facebook and one for Instagram.
  • You can join both giveaways, if you wish to double your chance.
  • T&C apply


Who’s joining? Let me know below! 🙂 






6 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY & My Favorite Trips in Asia

  1. Ms Farrah, am joining. Places I like to visit are Cebu / Bohol and Davao. Any of the 3. For Asian countries: Thailand, Malaysia. Vietnam.
    I like the detailed story of your experiences. I am imagining your facial expression.

    Liked by 1 person

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