Michelle Obama Day: Her Advice I Wanted My Girls To Listen

Must watch! I think every parent on this planet would like their little girls to watch this video.

Today, 17th January (US time) is Michelle Obama‘s birthday. I admire her a lot. I think I LOVE almost everything about her. The way she presents herself, the way she talks, her conviction, her aura & self-confidence, her brain is exceptional, her love for her family and the community (especially the youth & the women) and the list goes on and on…

She’s attractive and admirable in so many ways, the former US President Barack Obama must be very blessed to have her in his life.

I always find myself watching her videos and listen to what she has to say in awe. One of my favorite talks she had is the video below (partly). An advice she has to say to every little girl.

And something I wanted my three girls to watch and listen.

 “If I worry about who like me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I won’t be married to the president of the United States of America today”

~ Michelle Obama 


What’s your take with her advice, let’s discuss in the comments below.


source: popsugar, extratv



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