Coffee Date At Amidala: Star Wars Themed Cafe

If you love Star Wars and coffee you should definitely visit this cafe.ย 

I brought my chikiting (kids) with the papa for a coffee date at Amidala Cafe. They were so ecstatic when our orders was served and the mama too, was like a little girl being handed with her lollipop ๐Ÿ™‚ . While the papa is not allowed to take anything sweet but a sip or two, three or more won’t hurt…heheh! The strict side of me is auto off when it comes to experiencing something new. Even the kids, we allowed them to drink coffee.

Amidala Cafe is the first star wars themed cafe in Cebu. And I never heard anything like this in the Philippines (if you know one, please drop a comment below). So, its possibly be the first in the country.

They served Milkshakes (non-coffee), Freakshakes (coffee based), Gourmet & Frappe (regular blended) and Hot/Ice coffee. Food like sandwich, burger & fries are also served.

We have tried few of it, mostly are milkshakes. Because kids are not supposed to drink coffee just yet. But that’s what they really ordered. Because we allowed them, they got to decide.

It’s like drinking a coffee paired with sweet that comes into one. Most drinks are served in mason jar, presentation enhanced with cream, chocolate syrup and differed with sweets being topped. It’s nicely served on a wooden board.

amidala cafe

Padmรฉ Amidala with theย Star Wars cast are ready to blend your orders — heheh!

Force Choke Milkshake (php 220)

amidala cafe

An irish chocolate drink topped with pretzels and kitkat. Chocolate syrup and cream are mostly present in every drink.

Choco Carameleia Milkshake (php 220)

amidala cafe

Topped with caramel popcorn and cone filled with chocolate sauce, sided with small snickers bar.

Wookies Milkshake (php 220)

amidala cafeamidala cafe

My two girls ordered the same. It’s generously decorated with oreos and nutella. Topped and sided with chocolate chip cookies. ย If you liked cookies this drink is for you.

Mrs. Deathstar Freakshake (php 250)

amidala cafeYou get what you see, aย java chip frappรฉ drink topped with revel bar & mocha cupcake.

Here are some of the drinks I would like to try next time and the burger. Hopefully they are available.

Darth Malt Freakshake ย 


Matcha Yoda Freakshakeย 

amidala cafe

photo by amidala cafe

Burger Setย 

amidala cafe

photo by amidala cafe

C3Peanut Butter Milkshakeย 

amidala cafe

photo by amidala cafe

Troop Loops Milkshake

This cafe is worth to try. I super love the concept and the presentation of each drink. While the kids love it so much and requested to have a coffee date again, so yes we will be back.

If you plan to visit, there’s no public transportation that will bring you directly near to the cafe except taxi. But you can take a jeep, route that will pass to Cebu Doctors’ Hospital, alight in the hospital then have a little exercise by walking all the way from Don Jose Avila St. (left side of Cebu Doctors’).

Maria Cristina Arcade is just behind Vacation Hotel near Sacred Heart School Hijas (formerly for girls).

How do you find Amidala Cafe, would you try? Let me know at the comments.



Amidala Cafe
Maria Christina Arcade Building
Kaputhaw Cebu City
Operating Hours: 2:00pm โ€“ 12:00mn (Mon to Thurs)
11:00am – 2:00am (Fri to Sun)
Phone: +63ย 942 613 1367



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