Reasons Why Mother Knows Best

I think the old adage that “Mother Knows Best” will never be out of generation. It will continue to live on and on because it’s simply the truth! I’m not saying this because I’m already a mom but I’ve been a big believer of it since I was young so maybe that’s the reason I’ve never had a fight with my mama.

Our mothers have “been there, done that” and pretty sure committed a lot of mistakes along the way and learned from it. The wisdom they have come from experienced and age which they wanted to impart to us. But often times it can take years for us to realize that our moms were right.

To commemorate the first Mother’s Day of my mama in heaven and my first without her. I’m sharing few things why mom knows best. There are endless reasons why our moms are (almost) always right.


“Study First before boys.”
It’s because she knows that education is something that will help you build a better future, even the former first lady Michelle Obama said it too. Generally, what mom’ s trying to say is to focus on ourselves first, learn to love ourselves first, enjoy our teenage life, and be a person that we dream.

We all remember the day when our hearts first got broken. Remember the sleepless nights and those days when we can’t focus on school because we were consumed by the relationship we thought it’s forever? While our moms would say to take it easy because “first love won’t be your last” (in most cases). However there are high school sweethearts who managed to stay forever. It’s rare and it’s amazing to find true love at young age but great love comes with great struggle.

Whether you think your mom is right or not, it’s important that we are open and honest with her when it comes to love. After all, they had been through the same situation many years ago and learned from it.

“Take care of yourself.”
Maybe we didn’t take this seriously when we’re younger (I’m guilty of it!). Moms simply want us to always be safe, to look good, be hygienic and learned to take care of ourselves at the young age so it will become a habit later on.

Now that we are older we realized how important it is to take care of ourselves from head to toes. Isn’t it we kept on finding the best skin care products to use, the best vitamins/supplements to take daily, wear the best attire we can get from our wardrobe? And the list goes on. While we put our safety on priority.

“Eat your veggies.”
Today at our age this sounds very easy to do but not when we are younger. Who wants to be healthy when we were kids? Eating the veggies were like great suffering for most of us. I would remember crying non-stop because my mama would put veggies on my plate.

Now that we know how important a healthy diet is, not only for looking and feeling great but also for keeping good health and preventing disease, it’s easy now to see why there was a reason why we had to eat those veggies.

“Smile often.”
Why not, it’s our best accessory!

I’m not a smiling person when I was younger, my mom would always say not to frown a lot. Now that I can see me in one of my daughters, I started to realize that I am sounding like my mama now (hahaha!)

My mama was right (and Audrey Hepburn) when she said that happy girls are the prettiest.

“You won’t get everything you want.”
She would tell me not to cry over things that I didn’t get because in life we won’t get everything. True enough! Sometimes even how hard we worked on something we still don’t get what we wanted.

But we don’t quit easy on things we know in our heart that’s worth the double or even triple hard work, besides alphabet is from A to Z.

“Have a good manner.”
May it be from table manner, to how we treat other people and the situations in our lives. By now, we definitely know that good manner is everything, it will bring us to places, and it cost nothing.

Now can we give her full permission to say “I told you so”?

The list is absolutely never-ending, all mothers are special and unique for their love is incomparable to any human being in this world. They simply know the best for us because no mother would want bad things for their kids. She wants the best for us. ALWAYS!

And remember, experience is the best teacher. She has lived her life, made her mistakes and she has learned from it. Guaranteed no harm if we just listen to her.


Do you have anything to add to this list? What’s the best piece of wisdom your mother ever told you? Share with us at the comments! 


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