PABLO: This Place Is A Cheese Tart Heaven

I was lucky to try it at Shinsaibashisuji Osaka, where the shop has a sit-down cafe. It’s the main branch of Pablo and it has multiple outlets in Japan.

There’s two Pablos around the area, one is for take away only and the other shop is where we ate, there’s café and take away window. If you want to escape the long queue, it’s better to dine-in and at the same time order your take away.

Pablo is a popular Japanese dessert shop that has a mouth-watering cheese tarts. What makes it different is Pablo treats cheese tart like steak. You can choose between “rare” with a gooey core that oozes out when you cut it open or “medium”, the inside is slightly firm. I didn’t know about this until this time. The price for both is the same ¥7,800, each and it can be shared.

When we order, we didn’t specify what type we want, so I think the lady assumed we want medium done. Thinking back, it is so funny that we even discussed why the cheese is not flowing out when we cut it. We concluded that maybe it firms because we didn’t eat it right away…hahahah!

I suggested ordering 2 first and share, because the size is big and it might go to waste. I was right, it was wasted. Directly wasted to our tummy hahahah!

We ended having one each. I haven’t realized that I could actually finish one for myself. That’s how yummy it was. It’s not too sweet. Pablo cheese tart is perfectly sweeten, fluffy inside with a flaky crust. It was soooo good that we even come back the next day for late night dessert and to buy some to bring home for friends but unfortunately the dining closes at 10pm.

There is variety of flavors but we opted to original. They have mini size, available for take away.


Photos are taken using Samsung Note5

2-3-15, Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Daily: 11am-11pm
Tel: 06-6211-0826


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