Macology 101 Salted Egg Chips – My Holiday Treats!

Such a happy news to Cebuanos that we already have a local version of Salted egg chips.

This salted egg chips craze is originated in Singapore in 2014 until today the well-known brand is still love by people. I’m just happy to know and to share with you that I found one local brand in Cebu. Being a Cebuana it’s a pride to know that we have it and the product could really compete in the international market.

Macology 101 by Little Chef is not all salted egg products, they have a variety to offer. They started selling the salted egg potato chips back in 2015 and the first stall opened at Sugbu Mercado food bazaar in 2016 then it continually grows and even served the international market.

When you travel via AirAsia, you can find Macology 101 salted egg chips in their in-flight menu. And can you also order it via Lazada Philippines.

I had the opportunity to try two of their salted egg chips during my last holiday in Cebu City (3 weeks ago) which I got from their pop-up store in Ayala Center Cebu (2nd floor, in front of Pull and Bear). I brought home two packs — “Fish Skin” and “Chicken Skin”. That’s right they have Chicken Skin too, which isn’t available in Singapore known brand.

You’re right, sounds so yummy and unhealthy! But, once in a while it won’t hurt. Besides, I don’t want to be left behind when everyone already tried it. It’s just me trying to find a valid excuse for me to dig in some more — hahaha!

Salted Egg Fish Skin (Php 320 )

It’s a dried fish skin covered with a generous amount of salted duck egg yolk with seaweed nori and laksa leaves, seasoned with salt, sugar, butter, milk, chilli and special spices.

The golden brown chips were fragrant, crispy and not oily. It’s surprisingly not salty as I expected because knowing the Filipino palates. It’s a bit spicy only so everyone can snack in even small kids.

Salted Egg Chicken Skin (Php 320)

Basically, both used the same seasoning the obvious difference is, this one uses a chicken skin and without the seaweed nori.

It tastes good too although there’s a hint of oil on this one, it’s impossible not to feel it right because it’s chicken skin, thicker than fish skin. Having said that this is less crispy than the fish skin but the aroma and taste is good with a bit of spiciness.

Isn’t it the packing is nice and it’s resealable. Macology 101 products are freshly homemade. Both are good, it will depend on your preference if you’re more into fish or chicken but it’s good to try both just like I did. And in comparison, I liked fish skin more and everyone in the house.

If you haven’t try this before, you are definitely missing out. And warning it’s addictive. I can finish the whole pack by myself but of course I’ve’ shared it with the fambam. The kids liked it!



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Instagram: Macology101_by_little_chef




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