Strictly Pancakes – All Day Savoury & Sweet Pancakes! (Giveaway Inclusive)

How about pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Then, this place is for you! It allows you to satisfy your pancake cravings any time of the day. I always thought of pancakes only for breakfast but this place totally changed my mindset. The concept of the menu is very unique and they serve a variety of pancakes from savoury to sweet.

I’m happy to be back after they revamped the place and added new pancakes and sides on the menu. And so much excitement to share brunch with Honey, Persie, Cassie, and Wei Kai.

When you talk about pancakes I can’t think of any place better than Strictly Pancakes. It’s been my favorite place since 2012. It’s located at corner shophouse at Prinsep Street, it offers a cozy and welcoming environment. You can choose to seat outside under the trees and more tables inside and at the second level.

There’s nothing much has changed with their interior as I can remember from my last visit. But, cleaner than it was before. While the pricing is still reasonable.

Garlic Buttered Prawns (S$17)

Medium 3 pancakes served with prawns buttered generously with garlic and cherry tomato salad on the side for an aromatic mouth-watering treat.

I don’t personally like garlicky food, but surprisingly I like it. Except, the aftertaste of garlic in my mouth (people who don’t like garlic totally can relate with me).

It’s quite heavy with the sauce. If you think three is too much, you can ask for two pancakes only and that will be S$1 off from your bill.

For this type of savoury pancake, I think you can take off the butter and sweet maple syrup. I didn’t use it at all. But, they always served it with any pancake meal of your choice.

3 Types of Butter

They have three choices of butter from salted, garlic, and rum & raisin.

Snuggle Up ($16)

A pair of tasty hotdogs snugly tucked within pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup, caramelized onions and coleslaw on the side for a quick satisfying fix.

It’s because I love hotdogs, who doesn’t right? This is my current favorite next to Garlic Buttered Prawn. And the sided caramelized onion is such a good pair to it. You can use butter and syrup with this one.

Benedict The Thief ($16)

Two poached eggs topped on turkey ham and two extra thick pancakes finished with hollandaise sauce and sides with salad and asparagus.

This for me an upgraded version of “The Sunny Porker”. I’m obsessed with hollandaise and I used to copy Gordon Ramsay recipe at home. I think this one is properly seasoned and it gave more texture to the pancake combined all in one bite. I poured it to the salad too — heheh!

The Druggie ($14)

If you are looking for pancake dessert this is a good choice if you like to indulge in the ultimate chocolate fix with 3 chocolate pancakes served with chocolate ice cream sprinkled with chocolate chips and sliced strawberries topped off with homemade chocolate sauce. Sounds like not looking of chocolate at all.

When you look at it your first impression will be “this must be overly sweetened”. But surprisingly not, it’s an improved version from my last brunch months ago. But consider sharing it with others if you’re not obsessed with chocolate, it can easily make you satiate.

More For Smores ($14) 

Two pancakes layered with Nutella and torched marshmallows, topped with homemade salted caramel sauce and chocolate sauce, along with a hearty scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

This is for the sweet tooth cravings. The smores is melted right.

Chic Wings ($11)

It’s 8 pieces of a mixture of fried wings and drumlets that are well-seasoned and crispy. I’ve tried different friend chicken wings and this one I can say the taste is quite unique, only at Strictly Pancakes! Must Try!



Which pancake makes you drool? Share with us in the comments!




Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street Singapore 188674
Telephone: 6333 4202








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