SG BusLeh | Useful App for my Daily Commutes

Recently a friend of mine introduces me to this app called “SG BusLeh”, after knowing few things about the app I decided to download it so I can personally try how it really works. I am having a problem with my current bus app, it loads so slowly so I’m looking around for another app to replace it. I’m a daily bus commuter. I took 2 buses going to work and there are times that I need to take the bus after my client visits.

My experience with SG BusLeh is so far so good, I like the app. It loads faster than my current one and as a first time user, it’s very easy to navigate.

Here are other reasons & fun facts why I like this App:

I like the simplicity of the interface and very straightforward, as you can see there are only four pages Lobang, favourites, Nearby, and Search.

Here’s a screenshot of my current trip from clients’ meeting, since the place is far I’ve decided to check the nearest bus stops going to the nearest station which is Joo Koon MRT.

Look how cool, it gave me suggestions that are listed in order of increasing distance from the user. Obviously, I’ve chosen the nearest which is “Aft Gul St 3” and I can see three timings on it. The timings help me plan which bus I should take and how fast should I walk. Since I’m not rushing I took the 3rd timing.

If you look at bus 255, there’s word “Double” below each timing. It tells you what type of bus will arrive. If its double deck or bendy. While the bar with green color signals the passengers, it fills up when passenger increases. The green means there are more available seats. For someone like me who doesn’t like to board overcrowded buses, this is an important indicator for me to know the remaining capacity of the bus.

SG BusLeh simplifies the process and shows you result in one page when you click “Nearby”.

The street view helps you locate the bus stop easily. It’s very useful when you’re not familiar with the area.

Under “Lobang” you get to enjoy some treats.



You can use places, bus no. or bus-stops to search.

They are pioneer bus app in SG to check your EZ-link card balance using your phone (on supported devices).

You can even “stalk’ physical location of upcoming buses on a map (instead of relying on just bus timing) while cracking singlish jokes.


While on your journey, Busleh can notify you when you’re arriving at your destination stop.

And to give you a little background about SG BusLeh App, it was launched in 2015, developed by local company — Originally US. They are mobile application development consultant in Singapore, known in designing and developing mobile apps that are user-friendly done by their top-caliber designers and programmers. Few of their clients islandwide are insurance giant AIA, River Safari, Mediacorp, CPF, and Zalora. The big companies trusted them for their quality works, mobile experience, and being one of the top mobile app developers in Singapore.

These are only few things why I’ve decided to replace my current app. Plus there’s no need to sign up after you downloaded it, not like other apps. I really find it very efficiently and easy to use.

If you would like to try yourself too, you can download the app at google play store or Apple store.



photos: myfarrahdise, originally US, publictransportsg


16 thoughts on “SG BusLeh | Useful App for my Daily Commutes

  1. Good to know about this app for my next trip to Singapore. Looks a lot like CityMapper, which was quite helpful in Europe and North America. You don’t need a account and it’s free. I would recommend it as an app to try if it is available in Singapore.

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