Turi Beach | 10 Things I Love About This Resort

I’ve spent weekend getaway twice in Turi Beach this year. Why not?! It’s a good place to relax away from the red dot and my busy life in the city. Plus it’s affordable than going somewhere else which required airfare.

So far it’s my favorite resort in Batam Island, the resort has a lot to offer with regards to quick holiday needs.

The customer service is consistently commendable since my first holiday,  staff are friendly and accommodating.

Turi Beach is 7.7 hectares of beautiful green landscaping in a tranquil tropical village, it features Modern-Minimalist accommodation in Tirta and Riani Wings with total 140 deluxe rooms and suites are facing the sea, being well spread over the beach front and the hillside.

My first holiday in Turi, I stayed at Riani wing where my deluxe room is located.  My recent holiday two weeks ago, I’ve stayed in Tirta wing. I just love that the resort is big enough that you don’t feel the crowd even if it’s fully occupied.

Now let me share with you why I keep on going back to Turi Beach Resort. I will also share photos from both holidays.

1. Turi Beach is near to Singapore.


Wefie just before the ferry will depart from Tanah Merah Terminal

Since I’m staying on the east side, I’m a bit near to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal where you can take the 35 minutes ferry ride to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal where Nongsa Resorts are located. It’s in the northeast part of Batam Island. The Ferry ticket would cost you S$49 (2-way). While, the 10 minutes 2-way land transfer from Nongsapura, I arranged with Turi beach.

2. I got to enjoy both worlds in one place.

RIANI WING (partly)

I love nature! Forest, mountains and the sea. These I got to enjoy in Turi. I’ve stayed at this part of the wing, my deluxe room is the first one on the left. I can see a part of the ocean from room’s balcony plus more view of the forest.

The different sounds of the forest at night are music to my ears which I don’t get to enjoy often. I just LOVEeee the sounds of leaves rustling and trees waving in the wind and the sounds of little animals around. While the sound of birds in the morning is like they are singing for you to slowly open your eyes and wake you. Listening to all sorts of forest sounds are just so relaxing.

Nature activities are also available like Jungle Trekking and Abseiling and more.

And don’t forget to use the insect repellant lotion provided by the resort, as Turi Beach is surrounded by forestry it’s expected that there are unavoidable insects around. Good thing it’s under controlled by the resort.

AQUA POOL WITH POOL BAR (near to Riani wing)


EMERALD POOL (Tirta wing)

There are two pools on this side with Emerald Bar — the lap pool and infinity pool.

3. I love the sea view room.


The room is spacious (40 sqm) with teak flooring, private balcony with has a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean. I love the bedding, it smells clean. A living area with coffee table and Minibar fridge when you open that mirror on the wall. The shower offers regular and rain showers. The bathroom is big and it has a dressing area with vanity counter.

I can hear the waves inside my room and I love it so much! It’s like a lullaby in my ears while I’m just relaxing on my bed or chilling at the balcony. The Emerald pool is my view on the right side.

Deluxe amenities include bathrobe, slippers, tea, coffee and mineral water.


4. Restaurant with panoramic view of the sea.


Taming Sari is 24 hours restaurant and probably the biggest, it offers Western and Asian cuisines. I love that it’s facing a panoramic sea view. The food they served in this restaurant is quite good. They serve international buffet breakfast. While for lunch, I’ve tried the authentic Indonesian-Chinese buffet and the dinner is a Mediterranean buffet. They also have BBQ buffet by the pool. That’s the goal eat, eat and eat!

While I’ve enjoyed snacks and cocktails at Yacht Club Bar, located just below this café.

There are other dining facilities like Cinta Manis, it serves authentic Indonesian favorites, Teppanyaki at Nogusaya serves Japanese cuisine & snacks, and Nusa Indah Island Bar at the jetty opens early evening for you to enjoy the sea breeze at night with your favorite cocktail and finger food.

And every pool has a bar. How cool is that?! The cocktail drinks and food are all reasonably affordable.

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Happy hour! 🍹🍸

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5. I love the BBQ dinner by the pool with the live band.


6. Iconic Turi Beach Resort Jetty


If you’re looking for fun night with good music and booze, either you catch this Island Bar at the jetty or if you like indoor with a live band go to Yacht Club Bar,


Turi Beach has a 220m long Jetty. It’s the most iconic attraction of the resort, especially during sunrise. At night you’ll enjoy the view from the neighboring islands, you’ll see Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.

7. I love the sunrise.

I alarmed to wake up early to enjoy the sunrise, Turi Beach is known for their magnificent sunrise at this part of Batam Island.

8. I love sleeping in the hammock at the beach.


9. I love the swing and beach huts around the resort


My first holiday in Turi Beach was with this one, my roomie!

The hut is equip with 2 daybeds for your relaxation needs. It’s nice that there are more than four of it around the resort.

10. Resort Activities

Catch Cabana Club by the beach on this area or approach the front desk for land and water activities.

There are over 25 activities in the resort both water and land. Although I didn’t do any activities as I chose to just watch the other guests enjoying their activities at the beach then I dozed off for 2 hours afterwards. I leave it to look forward on my next holiday in Turi Beach.

For more details of the available activities and rates check here. And Tspa is also available, I’ve tried their whole body massage. Its’ rejuvenating!

Turi Beach Resort has upcoming events for everyone and the entire family this coming holiday season, email reservations@turibeach.com for further details.

Festival Indonesia
Christmas Eve By The Beach
A Magical New Year’s Eve Celebration 


Turi Beach Resort Nongsa
Jl. Hang Lekiu, Nongsa Batam – 29465, Indonesia Batam
Tel +62-778 761 080 Fax +62-778 761 279
Email reservations@turibeach.com
Website: www.turibeach.com

Nongsa Resorts
21 Media Circle #07
01 Infinite Studios Singapore 138562
Tel: +65 6438 0321 Fax: +65 6224 0778
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm


What part of the resort you like? Share with us in the comments!


48 thoughts on “Turi Beach | 10 Things I Love About This Resort

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve never been to Batam before although I’m Indonesian, and I’m actually considering to go there next time I go to Singapore. This one has kind of convinced me to actually do it. Looks expensive, but I’ll check whether it fits my budget! ☺

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  2. There is NOTHING quite so magical and wonderful as the sound of the wind stirring leaves above you — be they palm trees, firs, aspen or any other tree. I can rest below trees swaying in the wind for hours. Your description really took me there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Turi Beach resort ;looks really like a paradise on earth. It is in the midst of nature and yet not too far from the city, making it an ideal getaway. As you mentioned you don’t need to fly anywhere, which is great. Also if you have such a beautiful place near you, why go elsewhere? It is indeed a great place to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love them both. They are different areas of interest, it depends on what you like more. If you like near to the beach and pool go for Tirta. Riani is mountain side but still walking distance from the beach.


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