Volume 07: Articles I Read

“Reading gives us knowledge.”

Here are the things I read and learned this week.

These articles are about home tips, health, beauty & christmas gift ideas.

1. 50 Cheap Christmas gift ideas.

I love this list, it’s under $30 but it’s useful and pretty nice. I like the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp which is only $17 and a lot more.

2. What is CC cream?

Have you ever wonder why there are BB, CC & DD creams? This article will explain to you the use of CC cream.

3. A Functional medicine expert’s top strategy for calming inflammation & food Cravings.

I need to do this ASAP!

4. 6 Perfect pantries worth showing off.

I’m obsessed with kitchen that’s anything lovely and organized. If you’re looking for pantries peg then you should check this out.




source: mind body green, homes to love, country living, reader’s digest




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