Top 10 Food At Pasar Malam Geylang Serai

Ramadan is a yearly event that I always look forward for an obvious reason. This year, I got to try some food stalls that are new to me.

It is a time when Muslims around the world focus on prayer, fasting, giving to charity, and religious devotion. It started in Singapore last 6th June, when they began fasting before dawn and after sunset for 30 days in preparation for the Hari Raya Puasa celebration on 6th July.

During this season, not only Muslim community but also those who are not fasting like me, would go to Pasar Malam for food or shopping. It’s a night street market with different food stalls, clothes, shoes, bags, furniture etc.

Currently, there are three locations that are walking distance from MRT station, one in Eunos, Tampines and Paya Lebar, where I did my food trips. It’s a stretch from Tanjong Katong Complex, to Haig Road up to Geylang Serai Market. It’s the largest islandwide with beautiful decoration that lights up at night.

Here are my top 10 choices that you might want to try.

10. Ramly Burger (Price: S$3.50)

This is Singapore old favorite burger and always present in every Pasar Malam. It’s made of ban, egg, patty (beef or chicken), mayo & cheese. There is Double patty at S$4.50.

9. Macaroon Ice Cream (Price: S$4.00)

I tried this at traditional French Bistro & Pastry that comes with 5 different flavors of ice cream, oreo, vanilla, nutella, chocolate & salted caramel.

8. Japanese Okonomiyaki Sausage Roll (Price: S$2.00)

Regular size hotdog rolls in pancake with mayo and topped with japanese fish flakes.

7. Ice Cream Rollies (Price: S$5.00)

Create your own flavor with 2 choices from different fruits, milo, M&M, oreo and nutella.

6. Kebab (Price: S$4.00)

This is another old favorite. I think Pasar Malam is not complete without Kebab. There are many stalls that you can choose from. I saw how it was done. The meat is patiently filled on top of each other until it looks like this.

5. Spicy Korean Yogurt (Price: S$5.00)

Being a frozen yogurt monster, I cannot let this slip without trying. It’s topped with 2 of your choices and spicy Korean hot sauce with the hint of saltiness.

Thai Coconut Ice Cream (Price: S$5.00)

There’s two stalls, choose the one with pieces of fresh coconut. This one is without.

4. Salted Egg Yolk Churros (Price: S$6.00)

The mini churros are soaking in salted egg yolk gravy.

3. Momolato Soft Serve (Price: S$5.40)

I love the salted caramel soft serve. And they have gourmet ice cream and designer fruit popsicles too at S$12.00 for family pack of 4 scoops/popsicles.

2. S’ Mores Dip (Price: S$2.50)

If you love melted marshmallow with sweet dark chocolate then this is for you.

1. Watermelon Volcano (Price: $6.90 for 2 pax and $12.90 for 3-5pax)

It’s worth the long queue. It’s a healthy choice of dessert and yummeeey!!! This will refresh you while you’re in a crowd and sweaty.

More photos.




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