Rare Giant Art And Catch The Latest Today at the Gardens By The Bay

“Gardens by the Bay is home to more than 40 art sculptures from around the world. Featuring unique pieces, intriguing crafts and stone works, these sculptures complement the beauty of the plant displays and add a new dimension to the landscape.”

One of them is “Planet”, located at The Meadow. It was unveiled in the gardens on January 2013. It’s a giant sculpture of a sleeping baby son by internationally acclaimed British artist Marc Quinn. His son’s name is Lucas. It is considered as one of his most important works.

On one of his interviews, Quinn explained that the work dealt with…

“a paradox, an inversion of our relationship to our planet. It makes you realize that something big, like our planet, is vulnerable as well, and kind of precious”

This giant white sculpture is made of heavy metal with the illusion of weightlessness. It weighs 7 tons, 9m long and 3m tall. Amazing how it seems to float above the ground, a very impressive work of art.

It shows a great love of a father and a great love for our planet.

Here’s a good news from the Gardens. They are giving away a kit worth S$300 each.

“Mr. Bearguy III is currently residing in our Gardens! Look for him in Flower Dome, take a selfie together and upload onto Instagram with the hashtag #gardensbythebay #takashimayasg and #gunpla. Five lucky hunters will get to win a Gundam Model Kit worth $300 each! Contest ends 19 June 2016.” More details here.



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