Pizzaboy Reviews: New Items Launched!

We have been cooking and eating home-cooked meals since the pandemic hits the world, I am not complaining but it’s also good to enjoy a food delivery where you don’t have to worry about what to cook.

When circuit breaker phase 2 was announced, I’ve decided to have a pizza night with my flatmates, for me, it’s something to be celebrated about and I also miss my favorite PB Powerballs.

If you have been following me since 2017, you know how much I love their pizzas, wraps, and quesadilla. If you haven’t heard about them before, you better start stalking them now.

While I was browsing what else to order aside from my Powerballs cravings, It’s good to see that they have new flavors from their menu and it all looks good. The only way to check if it’s yummy, I have to order them too. They have new items from Pizza flavors, sides, and desserts. Yes, you heard that right, they have new items for our sweet tooth now!

Here’s what I ordered!

Pizzaboy New Pizza Flavors!


Let me start with my super favorite which is included in their Awesome Pizza Flavours. If you’re a cheese monster like me, this flavor won’t disappoint you. It’s topped with PB pizza sauce, cheese, and lots of power cheeses that melts in your mouth. I would normally spread the cheese balls to my slice.

PB TURKEY DELIGHT (regular size)

Be delighted with turkey slices, mushroom, PB special sauce, and cheese. Must try!


This is super spicy for me but perfect for your beef & spicy cravings.


Topped with slices of chicken, onion, and mushrooms with sweet teriyaki sauce.

PEPPERONI STAR (regular size)

It’s not your regular type of pepperoni, it’s loaded with PB sauce and cheese, some mushrooms, and herbs.

Pizzaboy New Sides and Desserts!

Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Tenders, and Chicken Karaage

These chicken sides are must-try, well seasoned, and tender. It’s still good even it’s not hot anymore. While it’s not new that sweet potato fries are always good when it’s newly cooked.

Chocolate Cake and PB Mini Muffins 

I love that it’s moist and soft while the sweetness is just right.

PB Mini Donuts

The kid in me jumped when I saw this childhood favorite donuts. It’s so soft and not for people who want to stay away from sugar but it’s so good. I shook the sugar off.

Aside from these new items, you can still enjoy their other mouth-watering classic and local flavors like PB Sambal Chicken, PB Rendang, and more. I love that they have a wide selection of delicious pizza, so there is surely something for everyone.

Pizzaboy is available for delivery islandwide via GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Food Panda. While their two outlets are located in WIS@Changi and Junction10.



116 Changi Road, #01-09 Singapore 419718
Contact: +65 6493 5777

Junction10 Mall
1 Woodlands Road, 01-03 Singapore 677899
Contact: +65 6904 3887

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday to Saturday: 11am – 10:30pm





14 thoughts on “Pizzaboy Reviews: New Items Launched!

  1. Mouth watering! I love them all mommy! ❤️ I can imagine how delicious those foods are, your descriptions are perfect! I say yes to more food blogs! Even though it makes me crave 🤣

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