Have You Done This? A Rare Friends Bonding Idea

Sharing a glimpse of whose staying with me in our home away from home. Yes, you are right! They are my flatmates and friends at the same time. And guess what? I am the youngest, \o/ 6 years younger than the oldest. ^,^ I know you won’t dare ask me how young I am from the youngest in the house…heheh!

DSC_7211This idea came up, when I wanted to arrange a simple get together with them as we rarely see each other complete in the house. There are lots of get together ideas like, dining out, watching movie together, chitchat while having coffee, clubbing or a simple dinner at home etcetera etcetera but this is something different that we haven’t done before so I thought having an outdoor fun photoshoot will be a good idea and everyone would surely enjoy.

Tadaaaah! I arranged the shoot without even asking them yet, as I am too confident that they would all love the idea.

Here take a peek of some of my favorite photos from our shoot. Some of the poses were my request. Although, my requested venue was not granted yet I super duper love the results. What I love about this shoot was the effortless preparation. It was just the simple us, enjoying our time together under the sun.DSC_7202DSC_7322DSC_7248DSC_7281DSC_7328DSC_7331DSC_7347DSC_7261


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