Bukit Broga Hill Trekking: 10 Things You Should Know

We arrived at the hotel early dawn, just left our things and straightaway headed to Bukit Broga via Taxi. Then 45 minutes later, we are at the foot of the hill where there’s a big parking lot provided for the visitors (fees apply).

Bukit Broga is also known as “Bukit Lalang”, after the local species of grass that grows abundantly there. It’s a hill located in the town of Semenyih at 400 meters high. It’s relatively a simple hike that offers a panoramic view of the Broga town that’s why it’s popular both for tourists and locals.

I am making this list, so you won’t commit the same mistakes we did.

1) Never go to Broga Hill unprepared.
You have to decide and plan whether you want to go on your own or get a guide. This was our biggest mistake as we assumed that we can easily find a trail guide when we reached the place, but unfortunately there was none. The good thing was because it’s public holiday there was a lot of hikers that you can easily follow. We saw a different group of hikers but we decided to approach a couple who are about to start their trail. Lucky enough the couple offered us to join them.

2) Bring Needed items.

  • Bottled water
  • extra T-shirt & a small towel
  • trekking pole (not required but it’s good if you have one)
  • Mosquito Repellent & Sunblock
  • Torchlight

Whether you decided to catch the sunrise or sunset, definitely some part of the trekking will be in dark, so make sure to bring a torchlight. We didn’t bring anything, but thanks to our cell phones flashlight.

3) Wear proper footwear.
Some parts of the track are slippery even if it’s dry, so make sure to wear proper footwear (no slippers) and it’s good if it has a good grip.

4) There are no public transportation services to the foot of Broga Hill.
The best way to go there is by private car, it’s also not easy to get a ride home. We are lucky that the couple we joined for trekking saw us waiting for a taxi and offered us a ride. Not everyone will be lucky as we, so it’s good to plan your transportation back and forth.

5) There’s an entrance fee.
As you start to walk towards the main foot of the hill, where the trail starts (it’s not where you’ll pay), just after a few minutes of walking you’ll reach the main entrance and you need to pay 1RM to make use of the new trail they built.

6) Strictly follow the trail. 
This is specifically for the beginners, you should follow the trail because it’s the easiest and safest way to hike. Remember the trail up, as you will use the same trail when you descend back to the foot. You might see another way to go but don’t dare to take it as most are steep and not as easy as the intended trail.

I’m talking based on our experienced, we were on our own when we descended and followed a different trail that leads us to very steep and slippery hills. I secretly, almost cry — hehehe!

7) Be at the peak at 6:00 am.
If you wish to catch the sunrise, you have to be at the peak by 6:00 am. It takes about an hour to reach the highest point of the peak at a normal pace and non-stop walking.

8) There are 3 peaks. 
When you reached the first peak, you can see the other 2 peaks and decide whether to stop and wait for the sunrise at the first peak. But if you think your energy can still take you to another peak higher, then why not! The higher, the better.

I also observed that the highest peak (3rd) is the most crowded, it’s where the best panoramic view of the mountains and the best sunrise.

We decided to push ourselves and reached the highest peak just right before the sunrise.

9) Sunrise is the best.
It is safer to ascent even it’s dark with your torchlight and catches the sunrise than descend at night. But whatever is your goal for your trail, you decide.

It has to be CAPSsss, so you know (heheh…) I saw a lot of empty bottles and rubbish that some hikers left behind. We have to respect the mountains and bring back with us whatever we brought up.


Do you have anything to add on this list? Let us know at comments below!




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