Thursday Pick – Magical Umbrella in Japan

Read on to find out my pick from Japan trip.

You’re right, it’s umbrella! It’s a traditional Japanese umbrella with magic. Yes Magic! Like now you see, now you don’t. The special about this umbrella is the beautiful pattern that’s only visible when it’s open to protect you from the rain. There are variety of patterns you can find but I specifically like the sakura flowers. The design shows up once it gets wet.

The photo above is the wet version, you can see the sakura flowers on it. The pattern is invisible once it dries out. But, isn’t it the color combinations are still pretty even without the sakura pattern?

I walked out more than three times from the shop where it sells and being pulled back by how I pictured the umbrella in my thoughts. It’s so lovely! I really wanted to buy but I’m so concerned of looking awkward at the airport while holding an umbrella, since it won’t fit into my luggage. I ended regretting it.






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