Meal Planning Tips

Are you super busy and find yourself struggling to prepare healthy-delicious meals? I got simple tip for you which I also practice and I found it really effective. If you are a working mom and trying to balance work and being a homemaker, then this tip might save you from going gaga when you get home from work. Especially, if you are a hands on mom in the kitchen.Read More »


6 Tips To Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer

Good quality swimsuit isn’t cheap, therefore we should know the basic things to do to make it last. It’s common with most of us to neglect the care instruction labels, it’s sewn in there for good reasons. The symbols on the labels will tell you how to properly take care of your suits but, not all of us can identify the meaning of the symbols. Even me, I had worked in a garment manufacturing for years, I don’t even memorized it. Here’s a few things to consider to make your swimsuit still look good and wearable for years. Especially, to those who collects swimsuit, this is a very good practice. Taking care of it is not difficult and it can extend it’s life considerably.Read More »