Cebu Adventure – Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls

Canyoneering in Cebu becomes extremely popular after it was featured at “Biyahe ni Drew” TV show. Beautiful photos were shared here and there before it started to boom in the market, that’s when I got the courage to try. People from different places have been to Cebu and ME, ME and ME in my own hometown I didn’t even know it exist. Hahah!

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Affordable Staycation At The Heart Of Cebu

Instead of going out of town, we decided to plan a summer time with the kids in the City, just 20 minutes away from our home. When my hubby suggested this place and after I did a little background checking, I said “why not, I think the kids would love it” and the location is perfect too. We always put the kids preference on top every time we choose a place to relax. I think most parents do the same.Read More »