Geo Aesthetics: I Found a Place to Treat My Pimple Breakout

Earlier this month I was having a pimple breakout. I freaked out a bit as my birthday is approaching. It is not that I will be having a big celebration, we all know that it’s not possible due to gathering restrictions but who wants to have unclear skin even on regular days right?

I’m wondering why I’m breaking out when I didn’t change my skincare routine or even my diet. Although, I must admit that my stress level at work is beyond normal. So, I thought it could be it. Yet I can’t just assume, I’m scared that more pimples might pop out in the coming days or it could be a sign of acne.

I’ve decided to ask Mr. Google, as most of us will resort to finding a remedy or a place that could help us. While researching, I got a lot of recommendations from the web and I have to check them one by one. Then I finally stumbled upon this place that specializes in Acne Treatment. If this is something you are also looking for please keep on reading as I share with you everything you need to know about them.

Geo Aesthetics Is the Place! Who Are They?

As one of the leading places for beauty and figure aesthetics, they provide a wide array of the latest techniques to realise their clients’ aspirations. Their selection of treatments are safe, free from discomfort, and have been proven to deliver results. Moreover, they have industry experience of over 15 years and have been featured on different well-known media papers from Elle to Cleo.

Full Suite of Geo Aesthetics Services Available

In addition to the Acne Removal service, they also offer plenty of other aesthetic services. Catering to scarring and pigmentation issues, they have removal services for scarring, pigmentation and dark circles. They also have deep cleansing and large pore treatments, as well as the facelift without surgery service for those who wish to uplift their visage. This aesthetic centre has even more procedures for the body available.

But since I have to deal with my pimple breakout, I focused my research to find more information on Acne Removal.

What is Acne Removal by Geo Aesthetics?

Using ultrasound energy, they offer a safe and non-invasive pimple treatment that gently clears away your pimples and blackheads from deep within your skin. The energy waves help to accelerate the immersion of the Vitamin A acid and Purifying Essence into your pores. The applied solutions effectively clarify your pores for a more balanced complexion. The treatment is effective, showing visible results immediately.

From my own point of view, I like that it is a safe procedure and non-invasive to our skin, especially that this type of skin condition is sensitive. And it’s good to know that they have confidence in claiming that the results are noticeable and have lasting effects.

Geo Aesthetics: How Acne Removal Works

I had checked further as I am very curious to know more about how this procedure is done. It has four main steps which I think are also necessary for every client to know, well at least for me. I can’t jump into something without really knowing the full details.

So what exactly is acne and how does it form? Well, excess oil, shedded skin cells, and daily grime can get stuck deep in your pores. If left untreated, this congestion may interact with bacteria and create more inflammation. When that happens, you will see whiteheads, blackheads and pimples appearing.

To treat this, the well-experienced aesthetician first applies a mix of Vitamin A Acid and Purifying Essence to the skin. Then, they use safe ultrasound energy to increase the efficacy of this revitalising serum. The energy waves help to push the serum deeper into your pores, deeply cleansing any blockages.

The aesthetician complements this process by applying a gentle massage to your face to promote better lymphatic flow, soothing away inflammation.

This process cures any active acne sites. It also corrects any excess oil secretion by reducing the size of your oil glands, to minimise the chances of future breakouts.

The end result? Acne removal clears away your blemishes and comedones, so you will notice calmer and more even skin. Plus, your skin will feel more supple and refreshed.

Geo Aesthetics: What To Know About Acne Removal

After understanding these steps, I can say that I needed to pay a visit to remove what caused my breakout which I think I can’t solve with a home remedy as my initial plan. I need an expert to advise and assist with my skin problem right now.

While it took me a couple of days to think if this is the right thing to do and I have a lot of questions in my head that I needed an answer to, so I dug deeper to get some clarity. Luckily, I managed to find more information! In the case that you have the same thoughts in mind, I am sharing below the three most important things I learnt that cleared up my concerns and hopefully, this will answer yours too.

1. It’s more effective than home remedies.

Even though there are a lot of possible skin care remedies out there, nothing beats a professional treating your skin. Their multi-action approach can extract the congestion while still being non-abrasive, protecting your skin from pain and discomfort.

2. It works to prevent scarring too.

Scarring happens when blemishes go untreated and are left to worsen. But by tackling them early, you can avoid permanent damage to your complexion.

3. It comes with no downtime.

Yes, you read it right. The approach they take is mild and does not break the skin barrier, which means you are free from side effects and recovery time. Simply continue on with your day, fuss-free!

If you need to know more do stalk them now on their website and social media. Their acne before and after photos are also promising. Out of the places I’ve checked, I think this is near to my heart and my instinct is telling me to go for it.

Geo Aesthetics
SBF Center, 160 Robinson Road,
#04-02, Singapore 068914
Phone: +65 6702 1478

Open Daily, 11am-9pm


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