10 Things To Do on Valentine’s Day (for single)

Valentine’s Day could be a biggie for some and not for others, and treat it as an ordinary day. Whatever your stand on it, it’s absolutely alright.

To those single out there or alone like me on heart’s day and want to do something to entertain you. I created a list that you can consider doing. This is also applicable to couples.

1. Take a break from work.
Take the day off from work and enjoy some me-time. It could be as simple as getting the good sleep you have been wanting to have without thinking about work and things to do. Just relax at home, have breakfast in bed, or binge-watch your favorite shows.

2. Take a hike.
Taking a scenic or early morning hike is a great way to unplug and unwind this Valentine’s Day. Try to find a spot that’s comfortable for you or maybe there’s this one hiking spot you have been planning to go to, do it now! To add some fun, invite your friend/s to join you. A great company will make your hiking more memorable. You can check Singapore National Parks for available trails around the City.

3. Set up a pancake breakfast.
Whip up a delicious breakfast at home and prepare the pancake of your dreams by setting up a DIY pancake table. All you need is some pancake batter, frying skill, and all the toppings your heart desire. If you’re not alone at home, then this breakfast will make your loved ones very happy.

4. Eat out with friends.
You are not the only single on Valentine’s day in the world or at least in your City. It is time to contact your single friend/s and arrange to dine out together. It could be brunch, lunch, tea time, or dinner. Just anything you feel comfortable having with them. Being with good friends is always a good idea. But try to avoid some dramas, the plan is to chill and have fun. I had recommended a top 12 list to dine with a nice view around Singapore.

5. Have a romantic movie marathon.
As most of you probably know that I’m on LDR (long-distance relationship) so I consider myself single (another word for alone hehe…). I do it all the time. Good movies never disappoint to relax. Grab the popcorn and settle in your favorite spot for an evening filled with your favorite rom-coms.

6. Take a good bath.
I am not talking about the regular shower you have daily. Take it to a different level by spending more time in a bathroom doing things you don’t do often. Maybe have a long shower wherein you don’t have to rush but feeling every drop of water on your skin. It’s your time to remove every single unwanted hair by DIY waxing (or shaving it off). Probably enjoy a homemade body scrub by mixing lemon juice, sugar, and honey. Thank me later for the scrub mixture. If you’re lucky to have a bathtub use it! You know the drill.

7. Sing your heart out.
Bring out that microphone and play your favorite karaoke songs! Who cares if you can’t carry a tune? Singing is one of the best ways to relax and release stress. If you don’t have the means, it’s so simple, download a microphone app on your mobile and play those karaoke songs from YouTube. It does not matter how you do it, just have fun singing your heart out

8. Make a cheese platter.
Wine and cheese night is always a good idea. It will be even better if you could invite some single friends to join in. Making your cheese platter is a fun way to relax. It always gives a good feeling when you make people around you happy by creating something delicious for pica-pica.

9. Get a body massage.
If you are too lazy to head to the spa, you can always call for a home service. A treat we don’t get to enjoy regularly. Either we are too busy or just lazy. We deserved it after working so hard and putting our love life on less priority — hehe!

10. Play tourist in your City. There this place we keep putting off due to our busy work life. Now is the time to schedule a tour. It could be a tourist spot or a museum you have been eyeing to visit. Tick off that bucket list!


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