No Birthday Celebration Plans Then This Happens

Being in the 40s feels overwhelming, not everybody got the chance to experience life in the 40s. Although I still feel so much younger than my age. People always say they want to be forever 21, but I love to age (gracefully, I hope!) and be a better version each year. So to those of you scared to turn another year older – embrace it! It’s quite awesome!

Every birthday is special to me whether I celebrate it or not. There’s always something to be thankful about even amid of pandemic, even I’m alone and far from my family. I chose not to be lonely and count my blessings for the past 365 days. Most of my friends knew that I love celebrating my birthday, it’s my time to gather all of them in one roof. This year I didn’t plan anything but I am beyond blessed with good friends who want to celebrate my existence.

Exactly at 11 pm, before the eve of my birthday, I decided to attack my ex-flatmates when they messaged me to come over. We had a simple birthday salubong (welcome) toast. While my ex-roomie rushed to bake my favorite Almond Cake where she plans to bake the next day and deliver to my office. How sweet it is!!! It’s baked with love and so much effort, by far the best cake I’ve ever received. It’s now added to my personal Guinness Record.

On the day of my birthday, I initially plan to take a leave from work as a birthday gift to myself — A GOOD REST! I changed my mind and decided to just work and meet a few closed girlfriends for dinner. If you are following me on Instagram you knew how messy that seafood dinner was but it’s fun and yummy. One of the girlfriends brought me a birthday cake. I love receiving cake on my birthday and I don’t mind having a lot, it’s just happiness and extra wishes to make. The more cakes the happier it is.

Jen my trekking buddy gave me blue rose and a pot as birthday gifts. She knows I love to cook. I think next birthday will be frypan — hahah!

I used my current favorite backpack from Gaston Luga on our dinner. Who’s celebrating with me by giving you guys a voucher code ‘myfarrahdise’ to enjoy a 15% OFF on all items storewide. I don’t earn a cent from every purchase I’m just happy to give you birthday treats so you can save if you decided to get one. While you get a FREE Wallet Bors too with every purchase of a backpack. I’m currently using this for work.

Since Elle didn’t manage to join us at our seafood dinner, she surprised me with a lovely dinner the next day at Ce La Vi. It’s one of my Top 12 Best Rooftop Bar & Dining recommendations which I shared previously.

It was a perfect night at a great place with good food and the best companion!

While I received another birthday treats from Cake Delivery Singapore which I personally picked. The Burnt Cheesecake is one of their best sellers. People say nobody’s perfect, but it comes pretty darn close. Almost like a cheese soufflé with a charred exterior to add a smokey depth to its flavours, and melts in the mouth center. The slightly bitter burnt ends added a twist to the cheesiness and enhance its flavor.

They are gourmet cakes that deliver freshly baked cakes islandwide with same-day delivery options. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee and free replacement for unsatisfactory deliveries, that’s 101% confidence!

I stalked their website and found out that they have a variety of lovely cakes to choose from for different occasions — birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, even Christmas cakes, and more. They even offer a 3 installment plan for the cakes with no interest, amazing isn’t it! They made their cakes affordable for everyone. I think that you should start checking them out for your future celebration plans and while current SALES is going on the website!

WhatsApp: +65 8847 4815 (no calls)

When I thought that my birthday celebration is done, on the weekend of my birthday week I visited my friend’s place for another simple dinner she prepared for me. It was an awesome night with girls friends. She never fails to surprise me with a good dinner every year that I don’t plan a celebration.

In my entire OFW life, I’ve never celebrated my birthday in my hometown with my family. I chose to save my work leaves for other important holidays and occasions back home but I’m looking forward to it one day. That’s my ultimate and not a secret wish anymore.

I always feel super loved and extra blessed on every birthday. I’m deeply grateful to every single people in my life and that includes YOU.


8 thoughts on “No Birthday Celebration Plans Then This Happens

  1. Looks yummy food 😍😋 And so yummy cake perfect for all ocassion 😍❤ Godbless always po and Stay safe and healthy Ms Farrah 😇😇

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  2. Happiness does wonders talaga mommy nu. Look at you looking younger @40 💓 I couldn’t agree more sayo sa not scared to get older kasi we should enjoy every bit of our secs 🤗 well sabi nga nila momsh lifes start at 40 so lam mo na momsh hahahaha 😂😁

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