Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Singapore PR Application Hassle Free

With the day of love just wrapped up for the year 2020, you may come to realize that ‘love’ not only pertains to romantic love but it can also mean love of different places and things.

We may have and could have actually fallen in love with many places and that also includes falling in love with a country and the love becomes so big that you would consider leaving your homeland to call this new country your home. It’s normal, it happens everywhere and it happens to me too!

Why You Would Want To Be A Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)?

You probably already asked yourself this question, but what really are the facts and the relevant benefits? Let me share with you what I’ve gathered.

As known Singapore is considered as a global financial center, the country is among the leading choices for Permanent Residency. Its proximity among other Southeast Asian Countries makes it an ideal choice for Southeast Asians, since it is still near to our homeland, making trips to visit family and relatives easier, you just take a short plane ride!

Aside from the country is a global financial center, which makes it an economic hub that promises better employment opportunities. It is also an ideal location to raise a family, as it has access to top-of-the-line and world-class education and facilities for children.

The benefits don’t stop here. I’m pretty sure you already did a lot of research yourself, that’s why you are here! To provide you with a clearer understanding, here’s diagram to give you a holistic view of the benefits you get to enjoy once you become a permanent resident.

However, I would like to highlight the following benefits:

Excellent life’s investment

Did you know that when a foreigner buys a private property in Singapore they need to pay a 20% additional buyer stamp? Well, as a Singapore Permanent Resident you will only need to pay 5% that’s a lot of money that you are saving right there!

Aside from treating your PR application as a step to your dream second homeland, you can also think of it as a good investment in the future.

If you have children or are planning to have children in the future then becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident will definitely be of a big help to their future. Being subsidized by government you will be able to enroll your kids in the local public schools, which are also known in providing good quality education. Planning ahead for the future of our kids is definitely a priority by every parent. Providing a good education is a very good foundation for their future life’s success. You will no longer need to pay for the expensive international school tuition fees back home. You’ll save a lot of money.

Once you become a Singapore Permanent Resident, you will also be able to apply your spouse and (unmarried) children under the age of 21.

Stability of stay

As a Singapore Permanent Resident, you will definitely have stability with regard to your status as a foreigner. Being a foreigner myself, I know how hard things could get for us at times especially with regards to our stay. I remember resigning from my previous job and my pass was cut straightaway which only gives me 30 days to stay and find another job. It was toxic and tough days of my life here.

Being a Permanent Resident you’ll also have the chance to apply for Singapore Citizenship later on and that will definitely give you a more stable stay and privileges that only citizens can enjoy. While traveling in and out of the country will be a lot easier too, whether just around Asian countries or the Americas and Europe. Traveling is just so accessible from Singapore.

More job opportunities

If we are a Permanent Resident will be able to easily move on to a new job and the quota requirement will be totally eliminated. If you are a non-PR foreigner in Singapore, you are most likely working on a work visa (S Pass or E pass) that certainly needs a quota before the company can get you in. So it’s good to know that as a Singapore PR you will no longer be under a foreigner’s quota that is imposed on businesses. It definitely gives us security on our job too.

With the possibility of a brighter future as a permanent resident in Singapore just on the horizon, here are some things to consider when taking that step to live in the country of your dreams.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How They Can Help

While you can be the one to process your Permanent Residency in Singapore online via the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore, just exactly how I did before so I know how much paper works and stressful PR application could get.

Considering a specialist to manage your application could be the best thing to do especially that PR application being approved these days is so hard.

Sure there are a number of requirements and the process may be overwhelming, especially for someone who is not familiar with how to go about with the current PR application process. It has changed over the years.

There are ICA criteria that need to be fulfilled correctly. There might be additional documents you may want to include in your application and you’re unsure where to upload it. And frankly speaking from my personal experience, it’s not easy to verify that your documents and requirements are already good enough to submit. While you also have to make sure that your submission stands out.

Moreover, you might be surprised to find out that there is no guarantee that your application for Singapore PR will be approved even if you religiously follow all the steps and submitted all your requirements completely. You’ll ask yourself, where it did go wrong. And there are so many other questions playing around your head that even how hard you research online it’s just so hard to get an accurate answer to some of your personal questions.

Well, you can put all your worries and doubts aside because there is actually a local Permanent Residency specialist who can help you make your dreams a reality.

Paul Immigrations is Established in 2016, they work on helping foreigners achieve their dreams by helping them apply for PR. With years of experience behind them, they become one of the most renowned specialists when it comes to the application of Permanent Residency.

The firm is an immigration consultancy based in Singapore who prides itself on its proven track record of an impressive 15,000 and more satisfied customers. I think you would agree that those are pretty good numbers, it gives you confidence that you are in good hands with Paul Immigrations. While considering that it’s the state of your future that is on the line here.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How To Get Started

When you have decided to take the final leap into becoming a PR, you must do the first step of reaching out to the dedicated team. You may call them and talk to the trained and efficient consultants from Paul Immigrations for a quick assessment of your background and eligibility. If things go well, you will then be given an appointment to visit their office for a deeper discussion. Upon which you may decide whether to engage their service or not.

Once you signed up for the service, the immigration specialist will require you to submit all of your documents and provide the necessary information about the application. On this stage, you shall get some important advice from them that would be a good contributing factor for the application. Don’t worry as the folks from Paul Immigrations will make sure that you are guided through and shine in your PR submission.

You may be overwhelmed with the documents that you need to submit to them but rest assured that the dedicated team at Paul Immigrations will be working with you every step of the way, to ensure that you will have all that you need and that your application for PR will be good and ready.

The specialist will complete the rest of the PR application paperwork on your behalf based on the information and documents you have provided. This is a crucial stage of the process and it must be done correctly.

While if writing a cover letter scares you, well you can rest easy as Paul Immigrations will even provide you with access to professional writers who can help you furnish a strong cover letter for your PR application. The in-house writer will create a cover letter, customized just for you, based on your application form and a questionnaire that you would have been given to complete.

The cover letter is more important than you think as it highlights important points that are designed to improve your chance of becoming PR, including your commitment and contributions to Singapore.

Once everything is completed and good to go, the next step is the online submission of your application. You will decide if they do it remotely or schedule an in-person meeting. All the above-mentioned steps will take one to two months, it also depends on how fast you can provide your documents.

After everything has been submitted, assessment of ICA can take anywhere from four to six months to complete. Depending on the outcome of the client’s application, the specialist will then advise you on what to do next.

Applying for Permanent Residency can be overwhelming and nerve-racking, but we have to understand that no big and important change came without taking a bit of risk. When it comes to getting to live in the place that you have fallen in love with, isn’t taking a little risk for the big reward at the end worth it?


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