Things to do in Jewel Changi Airport

I was privileged to explore Jewel Changi Airport on the first day of public preview back in April 12, 2019 but I came back many times to explore and try some restaurants & cafes. While on my last visit, I’ve decided to show you around the Jewel.

Changi Airport is known as one of the best airports in the world for its state of the art facilities, cleanliness, and being so efficient in almost everything. Let’s do a little rewind when the Jewel isn’t there yet. Sure Changi Airport has a variety of restaurants and cafes and also retails for travelers but most of it is only possible to explore when you already checked in and passed the immigration counter in short only for travelers. But how about the public who’s not going on a trip? Well, Jewel Changi Airport is opened for that purpose to cater not only travelers but also Public who just want to chill at the airport.

More than shopping and food there are more things to do. Please watch the tour!

Explore the FOOD choices!

Every level I can see there is food to grab, but the most prominent levels that offer a variety of choices are level 2, level 5, B1, and B2. I did grab some snacks at B1 with my favorite French fries which was originated from my beloved country Philippines. Potato Corner is a popular Filipino french fries.


Later part of the day, I met my girl friends for early dinner and grabbed some drinks, where? At the most hipster level, LEVEL 5! Where you can find some of the coolest activities you can enjoy alone or with family and friends. And there are resto-bars you can hang out with the beautiful view of the indoor waterfalls. I love the chill vibes at level 5, It’s relaxing & refreshing too, probably because of the indoor garden, the waterfalls and the transparent roofing that let you chill with natural sunlight.


It’s so complete that it even has a grocery shop, electronic, salon, a bank and more. I saw that IROO has a branch in there too. One of the brands I supported last year and for some weird reason, I was happy to see a big store of Foot Locker. It’s hubs favorite ukay-ukay (secondhand) brand in the Philippines and I’ve never seen one in Singapore before. Hopefully, on my next visit, I can do some retail therapy.

Chill at the Shiseido Forest Valley & be amazed by the HSBC Rain Vortex

These are the main attractions at the Jewel. The Rain Vortex foot is located at the Forest Valley. It’s the world’s tallest 40 meters indoor waterfall, flowing down to the basement. It never fails to make me feel relax every visit. While it’s also extremely stunning at night with Light & Sound Show.

The Shiseido Forest Valley gives you a treat of the lush green sanctuary with relaxing waterfalls in the middle. If you are game for a little stretching then this is a perfect place as it allows you a half an hour trail. There are seats too along where you can rest. It’s open 24 hours.

HSBC Rain Vortex (Level 1)
Open daily: 9am to 11.30pm

Light & Sound Showtimes: 7.30pm – 11.30pm daily, at hourly intervals

The Canopy Park and Canopy Bridge (Daily 9 am – 3 am)

Both are located at the topmost level (L5) of Jewel. It’s a playground for everyone. The Canopy Park has mazes to bouncing nets. And you can take a stroll along creative garden trails, glide down giant slides or hide in bowls of gentle mist. Spend hours at play, or simply relax at this level.

As you can watch in the video there are lots of activities you can do at level 5. There’s a viewing bridge that is suspended 23 meters above ground, you can take a walk on the Canopy Bridge with a glass bottom at the center portion and fog emitted at both ends, experience what it feels like to walk among the clouds and see the indoor waterfall up closed.

Shaw Theatres

Yes, there’s a theatre too. Perfect if you’re waiting for your long hour transit flight or just spending a weekend at the Jewel, an IMAX Movie is a good idea. I will be back to experience this IMAX.


Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport,
Singapore 819666
Opening hours: 24/7
Nearest MRT Station: Changi Airport


2 thoughts on “Things to do in Jewel Changi Airport

  1. Very interesting post, and it definitely reminds me of my trip there last year!

    I checked out B2 and yes, the Potato Corner was there — though di ako um-order as ubiquitous naman yung stall dito sa Manila. Tried O’TAH and Sankranti Express. 🙂 I also checked out the shops there since GSS (Great Singapore Sale) noong pumunta ako, kaso the stocks were basically the same (especially in Uniqlo and M&S), if not too expensive. 😦

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