My Top Pick Hotels in Bangalore India | Starts from 46USD per Night

I’m planning a trip to Bangalore and as you know me, I’m particular with my accommodation not only for comfortability, cleanliness, etc. but mostly for the location and my budget. I would religiously do my research and check the best hotel that matches to my needs.

Bangalore is known as the “Garden City of India” it is also known as “Pub capital of India”, “Rock/Metal capital of India” and I believe a lot more because of its beautiful culture. If you want to relax and feel anew you can visit the famous Lalbagh Botanical Gardens which hosts two annual flower shows or you can enjoy the lively nightlife at Indiranagar which exposes you to clubs like Toit and Vapour. Bangalore offers you everything from a refreshing morning at gardens, a magnificent afternoon well spent in admiring temples to living in the moment in a hub of clubs.

I can’t wait to explore Bangalore, but for now, let me share with you my top pick accommodations in Bangalore that are on my consideration.

1. Nahar’s heritage hotel – 3-Star (from 46 USD/night)

Nahar’s Heritage hotel is conveniently near commercial and shopping hubs of Bengaluru but despite that, you can still do business because of the location ideally located at the center of business district. So you can do business in the morning and shopping in the afternoon. The fact that there are 7 sights near the said hotel is absolutely a steal. Stay at a simplistic interior designed room with good accommodation. You get to save and receive the value of your money.

Location: 14, St Marks Rd, Opposite Bishop Cotton Girls School, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

2. Adarsh Hamilton – 5-Star (from 94 USD/night)

The hotel has an elegant interior and contemporary design which attracts my eyes. It has effortless access to the business central of Bangalore, if ever you’re going for a business trip this hotel is the key to heart’s tired worries from work. I consider this for their claims of personally taking care of their guests with a smile. Isn’t it great?

Location: 2/4, Langford Garden Road, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025, India

3. Fortune Select JP Cosmos – 5-Star (100 USD/night)

Fortune Select JP Cosmos is the hotel for people who hate traffic, you know why? Because it’s one of the hotels in Bangalore that is near the airport. So, for sure when you just want a good night’s rest to shake that jet lag away. This cheap and neatly decorated rooms will be your body’s haven. Plus, it’s near to 8 tourist sites such as Lalbagh Botanical garden and many more.

Location: No. 49, Behind Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Cres Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052, India

4. Escape Hotel and Spa – 4-Star (100 USD/night)

Escape Hotel and Spa is located at one of the poshest cosmopolitan localities in Bangalore. The hotel lives up to its name as its design gives you a sense of escape as you look at the beautiful interior and swim in the clear azure pool. Staying at a hotel that has great soundproofing in Indiranagar gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the hip nightlife, as well as enjoy the comfort of your hotel room.

Location: 770, 100 Feet Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Doopanahalli, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, India

5. La Marvella – A Sarovar Premiere Hotel – 5 star (113 USD/night)

Home away from home! That is how I believe I would feel staying in this hotel. This hotel offers you spacious and grandiose interior with a view. It’s located in the busy posh neighbourhood of Jayanagar, Bangalore. Which means you’re near various IT hubs, commercial centres, shopping areas and tourist spots within the city. Certainly a hotel to consider.

Location: South-End Circle 2nd block, No 1, 15th Cross Rd, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011, India



Do you have any recommendation for accommodations in Bangalore, food to try or places to visit?

Please share with us at the comments!





10 thoughts on “My Top Pick Hotels in Bangalore India | Starts from 46USD per Night

  1. Glad I found this, I’m heading to Bangalore soon. It looks like you can get pretty decent hotel rooms for a good price there. Mumbai was terrible value. Thanks for this.

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