My Top 10 Favorite Moments from 2018

2018 was my worst year ever for the reason I believed most of you already knew. Since this post is about my favorites, I wouldn’t talk about why it wasn’t my year. But, I still consider my 2018 blessed, while recognizing every unbearable pain that came with it. I’ve learned a lot and came out probably a better person and feeling sure what I wanted in life and I realized the things that are no longer negotiable.

As I always try to focus on the good, so here are ten of my favorite moments.

1. Bonding with my high school friends and my best friend. We spent the whole day of our January 2 last year just inside SM City Mall (Cebu), I made sure to meet them before I head back to work. Our initial plan was just to meet up for lunch only but because there was unending chit chat about life, laughers, reminiscing of our high school life, and some adulting conversation we didn’t notice the time. So from lunch to coffee time to dinner at Paolito’s.

I love the food in Paolito’s and the interior of the restaurant, which made me returned to it a few times with my family.

2. Reached the top of Mt. Broga in KL, Malaysia. This is the hardest mountain trekking I did so far. Although, we came very unprepared we made it to the top. It totally slipped in my mind to blog about it. But hey I can still share it with you this year. This trip was mainly for mountain trekking and food trips.

3. Dinner and karaoke night. This is a very rare moment as my brother and sister-in-law are also OFWs (Overseas Filipino Worker), we don’t get to see each other yearly, well in fact, it’s nearly 10 years before I got to see my brother’s wife Marivic.

We had a lovely dinner at Paolito’s with my brother and two sisters-in-laws and with my nieces all complete. My son, unfortunately, is the only boy around amongst the cousins. After the dinner, we headed for Karaoke time.

4. My only son and my youngest graduation day. I had to be home on two consecutive months to attend their graduation day. I’m happy that they are all in junior high school which means a few years to my retirement. — hehehe!

5. Family time at Cebu Safari. One of the must-visit places in Cebu. Cebu Safari is world-class and very impressive! You can catch more of our safari moment HERE.

6. Mother’s day. I was happy to spend the Mother’s day with Grace, my sister from another mother. I can’t imagine my OFW life without her. We spent the entire day at Northpoint City from early morning exercise to lunch, and salon pampering. Thank you to Northpoint City for a day of treat.

7. Watched TORUK – The First Flight Cirque Du Soleil. The best stage play I’ve ever watched, it was a jaw-dropping moment the whole time. TORUK moment was SPECTACULAR!

8. Sunset Sail Dinner Cruise at Resorts World Sentosa. It was a feeling rich moment aboard the β€œThe Royal Albatross”. It feels like Royal being one of the guests on board, exactly the same ship where HRH Princess Anne ( the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II) had boarded. Not only that, it was Bruce Wayne private yacht on his 2008 Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Thank you to Royal Albatross for having me.

9. My eldest, ate Sybielle’s 18th birthday. It was an All Soul’s Day when I gave birth to her. I got home last November just over the weekend to spend her birthday. I am yet to share the photos from her birthday celebration once I got the official copies from the photographer.

It was a simple celebration with family and her selected friends. Since the venue’s space is limited.

10. I completed my culinary class. I took international cuisine cooking class for fun. I’ve wanted to take the course in Le Condon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, Thailand. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for me at the moment and I can’t take weeks of leave from work.

The culinary class I took started in March and ended in October. Then we graduated in November. It was indeed lots of fun, eating, got to meet new friends, and learned different international cuisines.

Now, I hope your 2019 kicks off very well and let’s all look positively forward to great things to come this year. Cheers to FABULOUS 2019!




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