6 Tips to Save Money and Travel More

I just can’t get enough of traveling, from exploring Indonesia and the Philippines to hopping on a cruise ship for a sunset sail dinner. However, traveling is not very cheap. If you want to do it regularly, you’ll need to find ways to increase your savings and to get your trips at the best possible price, which will allow you to explore even further! Here are six tips to save money and travel more.

Shop around and be flexible.

The more flexible you can be with your traveling dates, the better deal you will get. For example, Skyscanner will let you choose ‘cheapest month’ as an option so you can see when it’s cheapest to go to a certain destination. You can make huge savings if you’re willing to be a little flexible on when you travel.

Head off the beaten path.

Tourist traps always have inflated prices, so if you’re looking to save some money, it pays to head to places that are popular with locals, rather than those that are set up for tourists. Do some research and you’ll be able to find these places that are off the beaten path, and make a saving.

Take snacks with you.

It’s no surprise that airplane snacks can be quite expensive, so a great way to save money is to pack your own snacks in your hand luggage. Dried fruit, popcorn, crackers, and sandwiches are great options to take with you as they will last the journey. It’s also a good idea to keep snacks on you when you’re out on day trips, as it means you don’t have to shell out for overpriced food if you get a bit hungry.

Book in advance.

Some things, such as transfers from the airport, or activities and excursions, can be cheaper if you book them in advance. Look online for any deals and offers that might be available, and check out whether it’s cheaper to book ahead or pay on entry.

Some things are worth paying for.

You might think it’s a good idea to save money by skipping out on things such as travel insurance, but this could end up costing you even more. If you were to fall ill in America, for example, then you could be paying up to $10,000 in hospital costs alone. Don’t be afraid to pay out a little extra for good luggage and somewhere comfy to stay, as well; you don’t want a broken suitcase or a terrible trip just because you’re trying to save money.


Do some work.

If you’re looking to travel long-term, why not look at jobs you can do while you’re on the road? Whether you want to do something practical, like picking grapes, or you feel more at home in a classroom helping to teach English to locals, you can make money while in a new country, which will allow you to spend a decent amount of time exploring it.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to save money and travel even more! The more you save, the more adventures you can enjoy. So what are you waiting for?


Do you have any other tips? Where would you travel if you had the money? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “6 Tips to Save Money and Travel More

  1. This is a good post for people who want to save money for travel. We have found flexibility to be a great way – both days of the week and time of year. It is a very good point about not skimping on things like travel insurance though. The cost of an illness or accident could be quite high. (LD Holland)

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  2. Great tips! I’ve definitely used some of these before (like packing my own snacks and shopping around / going off season). I’m very glad that you emphasised that travel insurance is not an area to cut costs in – you never know when you’ll need this!

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  3. You’re right, some things are worth paying for, and wise not to take risks. I don’t have the habit to take my own snacks. It really can help to save money on overpriced food from the touristic area.

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    • Me ate farrah I love DIY coz it’s cheaper than to book at travel agency 😁 I bring food as well 😅
      Salamat po sa tips.
      I wanna say thanks pala ate, I admire you for being kind and always there when I have concern! Haha (one chat away super bilis magreply)😁. Honestly you’re one of my favorite influencers, I will support you all throughout with or without giveaways because you deserve it. 😊 Keep safe. God bless😘

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  4. Perfect tips! I happen to use most of these myself. I agree that some things are worth paying for…hospital fees in the US are insane. I’ve never travelled too far out of my country so I’ve never purchased it myself but I am considering it for an upcoming trip to Italy.

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