DIY – How I Organized My Cluttered Earrings

I spent 2 SGD only to organize my earrings. I’m not a minimalist when it comes to fashion earrings, I bet most girls can relate. I had a lot before I’ve decided to organize. I gave away some and threw away those weren’t pretty to use anymore.

Today I wanted to share with you my cheap DIY idea for a neat storage. Not only will it keep your stud earrings organized in one place, but it will also be separated by pair. Here’s the how-to.

Here’s what you need:

You only need ONE THING, a pill container. I bought mine from Daiso for S$2.


  1. Get a nail polish remover to remove the letter on the pill container, so it will be cleaned and you can easily spot your studs. You can also use paint thinner or anything available at home as a remover.
  2. Start organizing your studs, fill the container with your cluttered earrings in pair.

SOooo EASY right!

The pill container will look like this after you fill it with your earrings and you can also put in you small rings.

I also have a tiny ceramic canister to store couple of stud earrings I used often.



If you have any DIY ideas, do share with us at the comments below!




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