My Friday Night at Wild Market

Another finds around Bugis area is a Wild Market. It is a multi-play concept with different fun rooms housing activities such as Karaoke, nerf guns, video and board games while you enjoy the food and drinks at Wild Food & Wild Bar. All these under one roof!

Aside from fun rooms, you’ll expect other features around the common area such as a billiard table, full-sized beer pong table, and dart boards. I like their concept of Meet, Chill, Play, & Sing.

Here are the fun rooms and features at Wild Market that you can fully explore while dining in.

Wild Food & Wild Bar

Every Friday and Saturday there’s live music too that you can enjoy. And choices of cold drinks, cocktails, wines, and an array of mouth-watering dishes are available every day (except when closed). 

Wild Market serves a variety of Japanese-inspired tapas and local delights that would regale any group looking for a good night out.

Avocado Mentaiko (S$7.80)

I like bite slices of fresh avocado coated in a light batter, topped with savoury mentaiko mayonnaise.

Smoked Salmon Guacamole (S$11.80)

This is perfect for a light option while there’s beer on the side. Thinly sliced smoked salmon dotted with avocado emulsion.

Wild Bar Edamame (S$4.80)

This is the best Edamame I’ve tried so far. Steamed Japanese soy beans tossed in a proprietary blend of sesame oil, garlic, and chili flakes.

Chicken Shish Kebab (S$4.80)

Sticks of chicken thigh, breast and capsicums slathered in a house-blend marinade before being charred over a grill. It’s juicy and tender to the bite.

Sambal Squid with Chorizo (S$14.80)

A whole 500g squid barbecued then smothered in a full-bodied sambal sauce, and finally topped with charred bits of Spanish Chorizo. The twist with chorizo in it is a brilliant idea.

Garlic Fried Rice (S$4.80)

This rice is alone is enough as it’s perfectly seasoned that you wouldn’t need anything to pair with it. But of course, it’s always good to have something on the side, probably a Chicken Shish Kebab.

Sambal Quail Eggs (S$7.80)

A crowd-pleaser, nicely seasoned and the spiciness is just right.

Corn Cob Trio with Kimchi or Mentaiko (S$9.80)

It’s boiled corn, seasoned perfectly that you can’t stop. I like Mentaiko more.

Tamago Mentaiyaki (S$9.80)

The egg is nicely cooked, soft, and little hint of sweetness that compliments the sauce on top.

Buffalo Wings (S$11.80)

When it comes to fried chicken, the color and texture will tell you if it’s newly cooked and if the oil wasn’t repeatedly used. I like the color and tenderness of the chicken, seasoned to local taste.

Meet, Chill, Play, & Sing Rooms

The whole stretch is a common area for dining and drinking that has 200 seating capacity while there’s  an outdoor beer garden too that can accommodate up to 100 seats.

Playroom is a seasonal concept room starts off with nerf guns aimed at a target board. Add picture of the nemesis on the target board to complete stress-relief therapy.

Meet room is perfect for private dining, meetings, and functions. It comprises a long 240cm table and a TV screen for presentation.

Bazaar room aims of encouraging entrepreneurs to start a business. It offers a fully-functional space for budding restaurants to test out their ideas at $0 rental with a month-long lease period to test the market. If you’re interested you can contact Wild Market directly.

Chill room is bean bags seating room offers a plethora of board games and a gaming console complete with video games for a relaxing night out.

This KTV room is completely soundproof so you can sing your hearts out and FREE for all customers of Wild Market.



Wild Market
Shaw Towers Bugis, 100 Beach Road
#01-27, Singapore 189702
Contact: 9247 5319

Operating Hours:
Mon to Thurs: 8am to 2am
Sat: 4pm – 1am
Closed on Sunday & Selected PH


11 thoughts on “My Friday Night at Wild Market

  1. Wild Market looks like a fun place indeed and I also find the idea of meet, chill, play and sing really nice. And all that food looks just amazing. Bazaar room sounds quite interesting too! All in all I think this place is quite trendy and caters to variety of clientele.


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