A Letter To Our First-Born

I wrote it back in March 2013 just before her primary school graduation day. I’ve decided to share it here so if she would lose the letter she can always google it and be reminded of our great love for her.

Dear Ate Sybielle,

We hope you are enjoying your recollection day. Papa and mama are just so happy to have this rare opportunity of writing a love letter for you. We may not be able to give you letters before but you know how much papa and mama appreciate you in our lives and love you, it’s beyond words Anak.

We have loved you from the moment that we’ve found out I was pregnant. You were two weeks old then and having you in my womb was such a wonderful moment of our lives. The first time I felt you moved inside, it was an indescribable feeling. From the very first time I saw you, I knew our life would never be the same. Your presence made us feel beyond blessed.

When you came, you brought so much joy not only to papa and mama but the entire family. While you were growing up we never expected how smart and wonderful you’ll become. I remember, when you were 2-year old you have memorized the Alphabet, recognized all the common colors, you know all the shapes and even the complicated one like hexagon & Octagon. You can even recognize the country’s flag and even tell the capital of the country. You are just as smart as your papa and nice & pretty like mama. It’s in the genes Anak, so bear with it…hahaha!

Soon, you will be graduating and entering a new milestone in your life. We would like you to know how proud we are of what you have become. You are still as smart as you were when you were a little kid and even more.

As you continue your life’s journey and start to explore the world, please let papa and mama guide you in this stage of your life. We want you to grow up as independent as possible because that will make you a better person. You may make your own decision in your life as early as now but when you’re confused and doubtful please always come to us so we can guide you. Please always be open to us.

You may make your mistakes in life, always learned from it and try not to make the same mistake. In the future, there may be times (countless times probably) that you won’t understand when papa and mama say “NO” to you or you won’t get our approval; we want you to always remember that it’s for your own good.

We want you to live your life to the fullest and always be happy in everything that you do. All we wish for you is a good life and brighter future. So, please Anak finish your school okay.

Now, we are just happy how responsible, obedient, respectful, intelligent, nice, loving, sweet, caring ate you become. Please continue to be a great blessing to us and to your siblings. Be their best friends and someone to look up to. And even how many friends you will have, papa and mama will forever be your best friends. Even how grown up you become, you will forever be our little girl.

Above all Anak, always bear in your mind and in your heart to “LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL” and be obedient with His will. Grow up as God-fearing as you can be. We will always be here for you, to guide you and support you.

As parents, we also have our shortcomings, we are sorry about that Ate but papa and mama are doing our best to be of best parents for all of you. We love you so much Anak!

Sweetheart, we would like to congratulate you in advance for your coming graduation day. I know you’ve been asking for a puppy but you know the deal, whether honor or not you will still have a special gift.

Congratulations Ate and we are so proud of you!


Love and kisses,

Papa & Mama


P.S. We hope that you will keep this letter and read it from time to time. This will remind you of our great love. Again, we love you dearly Ate. You’re God’s gift to us.


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