Thursday Pick – Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I remember sharing with you how I managed to improve my chapped lips and I’m still using the sugar products until today. 

While a few months ago, I received this Sleeping Lip Mask from a friend which is a product of a brand I love — LANEIGE.

My normal night lip care routine is using Petroleum Jelly as a moisturizer before going to bed but since I got this one, I set aside the jelly and replaced it with Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask.

It’s true when Laneige claimed that the Lip Sleeping Mask gently melts dead skin cells making lips feel smooth and elastic the next morning. The moment I woke up, I checked my lips right away and I was very impressed, my lips were the softest ever.

Now, on top of my sugar product lip care, I added this mask. I kept products that are constantly working on me. I’m not the type who keeps on changing one product to another.

This is how it looks like (it’s used by me), it came with a little spatula that you can use as an applicator. I like it when you don’t need to dig in your finger on the product. This helps to prevent dirt and contamination.

It may look pink but it’s actually colorless and the texture is between a very thick moisturizer and a silky balm. It comes into 4 variances — Berry, Grapefruit, Apply Lime, and Vanilla.

Now, if your lips are too chapped for any lip balm to handle, you may try this. It’s worth your hard-earned money.


Are you also suffering from chapped lips? What lip care products that work for you? 

Share with us at the comments!


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