J Studios Review: Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial

I came back to J studios before I left Singapore to attend my youngest graduation day back home, simply because I wanted to look fresh on her special day. I know I just did the Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial Treatment three weeks ago. But facial treatments are uniquely different from each other, so you can have as many facial as you need in a month, depends on your skin conditions.

The Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial is known for its deep cleansing and nourishing properties.

The Oxygen Facial delivers a mixture of hyperbaric oxygen (also known as pure oxygen), vitamins, antioxidants and an anti-aging serum, replenishing nutrients to the skin, by penetrating the epidermis of your skin to deep clean follicles and sebaceous glands thoroughly, the process is similar to using a mini power washer to pump oxygen and moisturizer into your skin.

It’s not a secret that using makeup on a daily basis will clog our pores and it my results to whiteheads and blackheads even if we cleaned our face every day. So that’s why deep cleansing is necessary for a healthy and glowing skin even without makeup.

The familiar feeling of comfort the moment I pushed the door and stepped into J Studios, I’m not sure about you but for me ambiance matters (all the time!). I love their interior, the combination of black and white and flowers on the wall. It’s so Parisian inspired and it’s spacious.

Receiving Area (second level)

J Studios is a two-storey salon with four treatment rooms at the second level. I was ushered to Calendula room for my facial treatment.

It started with relaxing shoulder massage, followed by cleaning, makeup removal, and light manual extraction of my stubborn clogged pores.

Next was the Oxygen Deep Cleansing using an airbrush. You can feel a little pressure but not painful. It’s cold and you can feel that there’s a cold water produced during the process.

After which the therapist applied the serum on my face with a cold ultrasonic machine for hydrating and nourishing heightened absorption.

The pressure from the airbrushed and serum help to deep cleanse and plump our skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while increasing blood circulation to boosting collagen production and skin whitening.

I took a nap at this stage, while the anti-aging rose mask is on my face. It’s cold too and relaxing. I finished up with the hydrating toner, rose moisturizer and sunblock application to protect my skin.

This is my second time in J Studios and I can say the quality of their service is consistent. I love how they welcome you and take care of you. They make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the treatment.

I bare my face confidently after the treatment. Signature Oxygen facial is my current favorite in J-studios. I looked fresh (even I’m stress) and ready for the graduation day of my little girl!


Benefits of the Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial


I’ve heard you asked if this facial treatment is suitable for you?

The Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial is suitable for all skin types. If you have troubled or sensitive skin, long-term treatment can help to eliminate acne, as well as blemishes and scars caused by acne, leaving dull skin visibly brightened with a natural radiant glow.

Here’s a TREAT for you! From now till 17th June 2018, all customers get 1 additional session of Signature Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial free with every package of 8 sessions, just quote “FARRAHOXYGEN” when you purchased.



J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd (Bugis)
31 Haji Lane Singapore 189224
Contact: 9182 8565

J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd (Jurong East)
352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-131 Level 2, Singapore 600352
Contact: 9182 8565

Website: www.jstudios.com.sg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jstudios.com.sg
Instagram: @jstudiosbeautycare



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  1. I always had my doubts about oxygen based deep cleansing facials. But this post really understand what it’s all about. Will give it a try soon 🙂

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