J Studios – Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial Treatment

Recently, I came to visit J Studios second branch in Haji Lane to attend the launch of Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial and a week after the event I returned to try it.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram and Facebook you’ll know how stressed my life was in the past 2 months with so much (not so good) things had happened and I didn’t get enough rest that causes my skin to look dull and tired. So this treatment is just badly needed plus I love chocolate, so sounds really perfect for de-stressing.

J studios have been named the first Bernard Cassiere Paris Premium Salon in Singapore and awarded the exclusive rights to the award-winning Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial.

Bernard Cassiere has been in the industry since the year 2000, known for their unique and natural concept which incorporates natural ingredients extracts into its formulas with 100% originality and professionalism and was among the pioneers when it launched its range of cocoa treatments, quickly complemented by an anti-stress chocolate edible care.

The Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Facial is a treatment formulated with natural cocoa extracts and quality fair trade chocolate and is rich in antioxidants and anti-free radicals. The treatment is highly beneficial for stress skin and a general loss of skin brightness, dehydrated skin, environmental damaged skin (UV & pollution), and lifestyle habits (Tobacco, alcohol, lack of sleep).

The treatment significantly helps to repair, detoxify, moisturize, and protect the skin while rejuvenating your skin to a glowing radiance.


J Studios second outlet opened in September 2017, now I have more reason to hang out in Haji Lane, it’s one of my favorite places to relax after work.

The founder Ms. Jerrie Man established it in 2011. From a home-based beauty salon, she has turned the business into a professional beauty boutique which now offers an extensive a wide range of products and services from head to toes.

I’m about to enjoy my 90 minutes Bernard Cassiere Chocolate Anti-Stress Treatment. I’m quite excited to try it because one of the main procedure uses an edible chocolate mask that has 64% pure cocoa, known to have a positive impact on our skin plus the fact that chocolates are an antioxidant-rich superfood.


These are the three main products and Nutriprotective Cream that will be used for the facial treatment. Cocoa is loaded with the useful antioxidants and full of amazing skin benefits. Enriched with minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C.

The treatment starts with cleaning my face and facial massage with my choice of oil. I picked lavender oil for this. Then followed with deep cleaning with Cocoa Beans Peeling scrub to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin.

My favorite part is the thorough facial massage with Cocoa Butter this process helps to relax, repair and nourish your skin.

EDIBLE CHOCOLATE MASK (contains 64% cocoa)

My most awaited part is the chocolate Fondue Mask. I can’t help it! I licked the chocolate on my lips and the therapist is so nice to add more for me to lick hahah! The chocolate is not sweet since it contains 64% cocoa.

I finished up the facial treatment with Cocoa Nectar acts as a serum and the moisturizer — Nutriprotective Cream that promotes cell renewal, hydration, repairs, and protections.

This is my bare face after the treatment my skin is happy and glowing like I’ve rested well. It’s visibly brighter, softer, and supple. I love the smell of chocolate on my face too.

Here’s a TREAT! From today until 3rd May 2018, you’ll enjoy the Chocolate Anti-Stress Treatment at $188 (usual price $288).



J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd (Bugis)
31 Haji Lane Singapore 189224
Contact: 9182 8565

J Studios Beauty Care Pte Ltd (Jurong East)
352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-131 Level 2, Singapore 600352
Contact: 9182 8565

Website: www.jstudios.com.sg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jstudios.com.sg
Instagram: @jstudiosbeautycare



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