Mediacorp Theatre Show – BREAK OUT 2018 IS BACK!

Sold out in 2009 and 2010, BREAK OUT is coming back with a brand new production at the MES Theatre at Mediacorp from 27 to 28 April 2018.  I’m excited to watch it and laugh until I drop on 27th. 

BREAK OUT guarantees an even more pulsating, side splitting, exhilarating performance. Beside new extreme break-dancing moves, the new show will feature more powerful trendy dance moves from urban dance to K-pop idol dance, and of course peppered with hilarious comedic moments!

The Story revolves around five prisoners who are clumsy but lovely. They live a night-in-the-life routines under watch, but they rarely lose their sense of humour to find a chance to play tricks on their guard. Their boring days totally changed when a sacred text drops into the prison. the mysterious arrival inspires them and they begin to yearn for their freedom and plot a bigs escape plan.

Since its 2007 opening run in Korea, BREAK OUT has performed to an array of International audiences in London, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai, Bangkok and many more. All of which had been well-received. Apart from registering a sell-out box office appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2007, BREAK OUT was an instant success when it first premiered at West End in 2008.

BREAK OUT was one of the first non-verbal shows to feature in Singapore and that helped steamroll a new brand new trend of Korean non-verbal show. Incidentally, the new production of BREAK OUT will debut during the Winter Olympics Festival as part of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018.

BREAK OUT is a show created by Yegam and Sevensense Inc of Korea. Established in 2003 and based in Seoul, Korea.


Show Information

MES Theatre at Mediacorp

Show Dates
27 Apr 2018 – 28 Apr 2018

Show Timing
Friday: 8pm Saturday: 2pm & 8pm

Ticket Prices
$48, $68, $88, $98 (exclude booking fee)
Restricted View: $38, $58 (exclude booking fee)



photos: mediacorp vizpro


7 thoughts on “Mediacorp Theatre Show – BREAK OUT 2018 IS BACK!

  1. Thanks for introducing me to this. I had never heard of this before, and I’m a big fan of dance. Now I wish they would come to South Florida!

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