How to Save Money on Flower Delivery

The last time I ordered flowers online was when I gave one for Mother’s Day. If you think ordering online is expensive, well you might not aware of things to consider. You can actually get lovely flowers yet affordable or even cheap online.

I always end up giving flowers when I’m confused what to give on special occasions because with flowers you’ll never get wrong. It will always give an instant happiness. It makes people feel very special and boost their mood. There’s something about flowers that it always brightens up someone’s day and even gives life to any room or table.

As we know, there’s a lot of florists online, you have to know whose best for your need. You can always give them a call to have a quick chitchat and let them know what you are looking for and your budget. Florists are expert with flowers, so they can always help you choose a flower arrangement that suits your need and budget.

There are few things you can take note when ordering flowers online for your loved ones in order for you to save.


1. Buy flowers from a florist that has a user-friendly website.

When the website is user-friendly it can save your time, effort, and money compared to visiting a flower shop somewhere in the city. And there’s a variety of flower arrangements you can choose online that is not readily available when you walk-in to flower shops.

I Like how Little Flower Hut website works. Thanks to the technology of the internet it makes things easier for us.

2. Buy flowers that bloom in season.

Flowers bloom more during their specific season. Because of that, they are more affordable compared with other flowers that are not in season. Most of the local farmers sell them to the online florist at a lower price thus you can buy them cheap too. Ask the florist for the available seasonal blooms and maximize your flower gifting at less the price.

3. Buy flowers in bulk.

When you need plenty of flowers for a special event, like weddings, corporate events, or debuts, it is best to buy the flowers you need in bulk. You will save more when you buy more. For events like these, the flower shops in Singapore requires placing your orders ahead of time to give florist enough time to prepare your needed flowers. You don’t have to spend all your money on the flowers on these special days. You can always negotiate with them since you are buying in bulk.

4. Buy flowers with free delivery charges.

Some florists offer their flower arrangements with free delivery islandwide. Check the details of the price before paying to ensure that the price is already inclusive of delivery. Some florists do tricks by adding hidden cost through delivery charges. Dishonesty should not be in consideration.

Truly flowers are lovely gift idea, whatever the occasion is. And it’s always nice to have it delivered. That special moment of receiving a surprise flower right at your doorsteps and the feeling of being special are incomparable.

But when we are on a tight budget, sending flowers can seem like an extravagant. Now that you know this few tips, you can work out something to get a beautiful flower arrangement at the price you can afford.

I got this customized table flower arrangement (photo above) for my birthday from Little Flower Hut.


What do you like about receiving or giving flowers?

Share with us in the comments. 



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14 thoughts on “How to Save Money on Flower Delivery

  1. Hey…love your tips sharing on saving money for flowers delivery 😛 Ha…Ha…Am a all kind flowers lovers cum fansss….love to decorate my home with flowers too. Your sharing here definitely helps 🙂 Thanks for sharing ya

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  2. Although I hardly buy flowers, let alone purchase them online, I appreciate your list of times. They will surely come in handy for people who love to send out flowers. I’d rather receive them. HAHAHA

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  3. Thanks for the info. Will definitely try out their service and will recommend to all my friends. Seriously this is the 1st time i’ve ever heard buying flowers without delivery charges. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like your suggestion to find seasonal flowers because they can be cheaper than those not in season. My friend is having a birthday in January, and her favorite flower is a lily. I don’t know if those are in season, but I’ll have to check. No matter what those I’ll need to find a delivery service to deliver some lilies to her.


  5. Thank you for all the tips on how to save money on flower deliveries. I think that is a good idea to buy flowers in bulk. It would be nice to save more when we buy more. I have noticed that a lot of shops do offer discounts for bulk orders. It would be nice to have extra flowers as well.

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