Wedding Planning Abroad Made Easy – PhilWeddings Expo

Are you abroad and planning your wedding? Then, head over and read on. This will make your planning a lot easier. You’re welcome!

I have heard my friend’s stories about their wedding preparation while in Singapore. They almost had the same things to say, “It’s exciting and stressful” especially when it’s held in the Philippines.

Personally I can’t relate to them on planning from abroad, I’m already married when I came in Singapore in 2008. But, even if you’re in the Philippines wedding preparation can still be stressful at times. I think for most women stress begins the moment you look for a perfect groom — hahahah! Just kidding!

Looking back, our stress begins in choosing our wedding date, because we were very particular with numbers (I won’t elaborate on this Filipino Pamahiin). Then later found out that our date is already taken and we don’t want to change the church, uhh stress! But, I’m blessed to have a supportive soon-to-be family and a very hands-on soon-to-be hubby back then. He did almost all the planning while I’m just sitting pretty most of the preparation. I’m giving him all the credits and the thumbs up.

The wedding preparation “to-do list” is almost endless, from choosing the date, to the wedding registration and all the seminars you need to attend plus all the requirements. Followed by choosing your wedding rings, deciding for your motifs, wedding gown and tuxedo/suit, church or other venues, wedding entourage, list of ninangs & ninongs, list of guests to invite, wedding suppliers for your bridal car, gowns, wedding reception, food caterer, photographer, videographer, wedding invitations, giveaways and hunting for the best suppliers yet affordable and so on and so forth. Now, I wonder if writing your vows will stress you too? This was not uso (hip) during my time.

Wedding always gets me excited and I guess in all wedding ceremonies I had attended I always find myself teary-eyed for being so happy for the couple and for witnessing the exchange of vows. I’m just so drama queen like that!

So, when I received an invitation to attend the PhilWeddings Expo held in Singapore last weekend (2nd & 3rd June) I was thrilled, to the point of moving my return to Singapore from my short holiday 6 hours earlier so I can catch the wedding expo on Sunday before it ends. I just love weddings and anything beautiful.

PhilWeddings Singapore Expo 2017 is an Events Management Services headed by Ms. Anna Liza Sotto, has been in the wedding industry for about a decade. Assisting people in her utmost effort is her joy. The aptitude of sharing what she has and concern for others is what made her fit being an event organizer, consultant and coordinator. Aiming to give every client has a hassle free day event.

And I’ve invited few friends whom I know are planning their big day, because I know the expo will be of great help with their planning. I was happy to see them at the expo last Sunday.


Some helpful finds from PhilWeddings Expo





(Flowers, Decorations & Gowns)



It’s a wedding planner for the couple to use to keep track of their wedding planning. I scanned through it and it’s so nice that you can write every details of your preparation up to the honeymoon details in a very organize way. It also serves as memorabilia for you. If I’m not wrong, it will be given to PhilWeddings confirmed clients. Yay! I wish I also had one during my time that I can pass on to my daughters.

Ms. Anna Liza Sotto and my very good friend April, discussing her dream wedding.

The owner of Meicel Jewelry with my good friend Rosemarie.

She’s very positive of looking around for her dream engagement and wedding rings while still waiting for Mr. Right. Such an exceptional positive attitude!

Jackie Majica Flores with my my couple friends TJ and Joyce.

TJ inquiring at the Fernwood Gardens for the bridal car service.

They are getting hitch this year. I’m very happy for them as I witnessed how their beautiful love story begun. Thumbs up to TJ, who’s very supportive and a hands-on groom.

They booked Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay for their venue. While Joyce is enjoying her trial make-up with the talented Jackie Majica Flores and decided to book her for their big day.


Few other suppliers (not complete)

After the event I went home with heart full of happiness while reminiscing my time and wishing that I had the same wedding expo opportunity like this one.


How about you, are you getting married too?

Share with us below your difficulties and happy times with your preparation. 


This post is brought to you by PhilWeddings Singapore Expo 2017. Catch them again next year.

“The Grandest Wedding Venues & Suppliers Expo in the South East Asia”


3-4 June 2017, 1pm to 8pm
Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Halls 300-302


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