Travel Guide: Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I’d visited this iconic Hindu shrines some time ago and I was in awe of its gigantic statue of the Hindu God at the main entrance. The golden statue of Lord Murugan is the main attraction of the caves, stands at 42.7m tall. It was erected in 2006 and said to be the largest in the world. Definitely a place where you should not miss on your visit to Malaysia. 

Batu Caves is popular tourist attraction in Selangor, the north part of Kuala Lumpur. It attracts thousands of worshippers and tourists, especially during the annual Hindu festival, Thaipusam. You wouldn’t want to visit this place during its festival season unless you don’t mind a lot of crowd. There are three main caves featuring the temples and Hindu shrines.

Aside from tourists, Batu Caves is also the centre of rock climbing development in Malaysia, thus It’s a popular spot for rock climbing enthusiasts. The limestones are gorgeous which made up the caves.

You have to climb a steep of 272 steps to reach the main entrance. Upon reaching, on your left is the “Dark Cave”. It’s home to the rarest spider in the world, the Trapdor Spider. Also the most researched tropical cave in the world. I didn’t bother to explore it as I’m scared of spider and it’s dark inside. Plus I can’t scream — hahah!

There are a lot of Monkeys around the caves, so be careful as some of them tend to steal food from the tourists. It’s better not to bring any food with you. Paintings and scenes of Hindu Gods can also be seen in the Ramayana Cave.

My best friend took her pose in the mid of our climb. We stopped to rest, too. Such a steep stairs of 272 steps.

Note that each cave has different admission, it’s only the main temple cave that’s free and opening hours vary. It is accessible by car, taxi or other public transportation.

KTM Komuter train service from KL Sentral to Batu Caves.

Monorail and Bus, from KL Sentral, take the monorail service then alight at Titiwangsa station and take the bus U6 to Batu Caves.


Any plan to visit KL, Malaysia? 

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21 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  1. I’ve been to Malaysia several times but I didn’t make it a point to visit it. It’s pretty spectacular based on your photos so I’m sure it looks more amazing in person. By the way, do they offer a package for visiting all three caves? Noted on the tips you offered. Will make sure to visit this in the future.

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  2. Another truly Asia post

    Ahh I’ve been seeing Batu Caves in I believe 70 percent of my friends who luckily went there. Aside from it’s just a plane away from here in Ph I heard there’s lot of Filipinos there. One more post from you about this and I will book a trip goin there 😂

    Malaysia has so much to offer you are too much Malaysia ❤️

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