1 Trick to Keep Yourself Hydrated

Is your water consumption enough to keep you hydrated? If your answer is NO then it’s not a good thing for you. But, here’s a single trick I have used every single day to make myself drink enough amount of water.

I assumed you already know that our body is composed of 55 – 75% water. And I also listed few facts below.

  • Depression and fatigue can often be symptoms of dehydration.
  • Water aids the process of digestion.
  • Water allows the body to metabolize fats more efficiently.
  • It improves metabolism, does it promotes weight loss.
  • Good water intake prevents the skin from sagging.
  • It helps flush toxin from the body.
  • Hydration improves immune system.

These are only few facts. Generally, water is the main food our body needs. We have to drink at least 2 liters of water per day to stay hydrated. I used to consume 1 liter only and religiously take my vitamin C. I’ve noticed that when I stopped my vitamin C I always got sick, but now not anymore.

I keep myself hydrated and stopped my vitamin C. I was surprised I didn’t get any sore throat, cough and colds. Hooooorayyy! to my improved immune system.

Here’s what I have been doing, I trick myself with coffee. Yes COFFEEeee! In every 1 liter of water I can drink a cup of coffee. Since, I can’t live the day without coffee, I used it as my treat for being so obedient in drinking enough water. And I don’t cheat!

I put 1 liter of container filled with water on my office table, so I won’t forget to drink and I can measure. I also have another container at home. I found this effective for me and hopefully I got to train myself with 2 liters per day even without a trick. I goal to drink up to 3 liters. I keep myself motivated too by thinking about all the benefits I could get out of it, especially the “good skin” and knowing that proper hydration can also prevent kidney stones.

If you think you’re not getting enough water every single day and you’re struggling like me, then it’s time for you to do something about it. Remember that it’s for your own good and remember NOT to CHEAT — hahah! I am not asking you to totally follow me but you can also trick yourself with anything you think you can’t live without.


Now, who’s gonna do this? What trick are you going to use? 

Share with us at the comment below!


photo: onegoodthing


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