Pizzaboy | Best Seller Pizzas & Deals

It’s a NEW pizzeria at the east that aims to be “Your Pizza Hero”. And it’s Halal certified by MUIS

Pizzaboy offers the traditional pizza flavors and toppings such as Hawaiian Wonder, Amazing Pepperoni, Mighty Meaty, Super Cheese deluxe, Mariner’s Choice and more. While their best sellers are Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Chicken, PB Rendang and PB Powerballs.

Their pizzas come into three sizes, small (6″) at S$4.50, regular (10″) at S$10.90 and large (12″) at S$12.90.

Every time I have gathering with friends at home, I would normally order the large pizza. PB Power Balls, Amazing Pepperoni and Mighty Meaty are my favorites.

Limited edition pizzas are being offered regularly. Hero’s Diet is the latest limited edition flavor for those who preferred a vegetarian pizza. They have seasonal pizza too, like Salted Egg Pizza that was offered few months back.

As pizzaboy recognizes the need of pizza to be paired with sides, thus their “sidekicks” menu includes — PB Wraps, Quesadillas, Cheesy Macaroni, Buffalo Wings , Chicken Nuggets, Cheesy Fries, Potato Wedges and Onion Rings.


My super favorite! If you’re a cheese monster like me, this pizza won’t disappoint you. Topped with PB pizza sauce, cheese and lots of power cheeses that literally melts in your mouth. I would normal spread the cheese balls to my slice. Capital Y U M — YUMsss!!!


One of the best sellers. The homemade rendang sauce spread on the pizza with onions, cheese, rendang chicken, capsicum and pineapple. The spiciness is just right for me.


It has two sauces on it, the PB pizza sauce & chicken sauce. All their sauces are homemade. Topped with turkey ham, ground beef and beef salami.


This is their current “Limited Edition” flavor that caters the vegetarian palate. Topped with PB pizza sauce, cheese, onions, broccoli, corn, carrots, capsicum, olives and mushroom.


You can order non-spicy, spicy or extra spicy. PB garlic sauce with cheese, chicken, garlic & capsicum.


BUFFALO WINGS (S$3.80/ s$7.90)

These buffalo wings are highly recommended. It comes with two type of sauces, you can choose between barbeque and spicy sauce. The sauces are both homemade. The spicy sauce will definitely give you a hard kick.

QUESADILLAS (S$6.90) & PB WRAPS (S$6.50)

There are two choices of quesadilla, either cheesy & creamy or chicken & veggies.

PB wraps choices are chicken & veggies, veggies & cheesy mushroom.


Very tasty, creamy and cheesy. I liked that the macaroni is al dente, not over cooked.

Current DEALS!

Pizzaboy’s Booster Deals with eight choices, recommended for group. Price ranges from S$24.30 to S$51.90. Don’t forget to ask for these deals when you call them for delivery or dine in. There are few tables and chairs at the shop suitable for small crowds of 6-10 pax.

There will be upcoming promotions for the Ramadan Fasting Period so please keep a look-out on their Facebook and Instagram for more details.

We previously run a pizzaboy giveaway on my Instagram & Facebook. So, do follow me there for future giveaway updates.

Which pizza flavor would you like to try?

Do share with us at the comments below.

Pizzaboy Singapore
116 Changi Road 01-09
Wis at Changi Singapore 419718
Delivery Hotline: +65 6493 5777
Opening Hour: 11am – 9:30pm daily





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