Thursday Pick – Colourpop Addiction

Read on to find out my favorite Colourpop lippies.

Currently, I have three favorite shades. I use it depends on my mood.

These three shades are in constant used, while the other colors I got are for hoarding purposes only — hahahah!

Sometimes I get carried away, especially when it’s affordable and the shades are too pretty, as if I have more than one lips to accommodate all. 😀

Right now, I haven’t had the perfect occasion yet to use the rest. Definitely, I am going to share with you once I found another favorite.

From the left is November (a warm peachy pink), Lost (warm red brown) and Frick N’ Frack (rosy terracotta). All these shades are in Ultra Satin.

Lost is perfect for night-time but I still use it on day time when I want to feel daring and when I feel that I look so haggard. I use it, so people won’t directly notice my hagGard-o (Versoza, corny! heheh!) face but instead they will be destructed with my lip color. Now that’s a beauty tip from me! 😉

While, November and Frick N’ Frack are versatile but best to use on day time. November made me look (pa)sweet and the latter is more on sophisticated look.

I’ve tried Ultra Matte too and I’ve decided that we are not friends. She didn’t like my lips and I my lips felt the same — hahah!

I don’t recommend Ultra Matte for lips that are prone to chap and sensitive.


Do you have Colourpop lipstick too? Share you favorite shade at the comments below.







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