7 Airlines That Offer Direct Flight To Cebu From Singapore

Yaaaas! You read it right, it’s already seven. Yahooooooo!!!

This is such a good news to all travelers from Singapore to Cebu, especially to Cebuanos like me. πŸ™‚

Six airlines meaning more choices and the price is more competitive. Compared years back when it was monopolized by one budget airline.

The added airline is Philippine Airlines (PAL), they started the direct flight on December 2016. Since it’s introductory price, it’s cheap for an airline like PAL.

I took the two-way flight when I got home last January. My airfare was not more than S$300, given that it’s Sinulog Festival season when the fare is on peak. Same rate during Chinese New Year season.

Here are the 7 airlines (based on their website):

  1. Philippines Airlines
  2. Singapore AirlinesΒ (Operated by Silk Air)
  3. Silk Air
  4. AirAsia
  5. Tiger Airways
  6. Cebu Pacific
  7. Fly ScootΒ (Operated by Tiger Airways)


Note: Only 5 airlines will physically land to Mactan Cebu.

Have you tried PAL or any of this airline on your trip to Cebu? Let’s chat at the comments below.


Revised: 11 February 2017


16 thoughts on “7 Airlines That Offer Direct Flight To Cebu From Singapore

    • Hi Marley! Thanks for dropping by. All these airlines have direct flights to Cebu. In fact, I have booked a flight via flyscoot on 24 March 2017. You may check direct from their websites for details, I linked it above.


  1. Hi maam. They dont physically fly between those two cities. I am a frequent flyer between Singapore and Cebu. Flyscoot Flight is actually a tiger flight. Singapore Air flight is actually a Silk Air flight. Meaning, You can book a Silk Air flight using Singapore Air website., You can book your Tiger flight using Scoot website.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Farrah,
    Scoot = Tiger Air
    SIA = Silk Air

    I frequently fly to Singapore and Cebu and it never changed, only 5 direct flights are available for now. Singapore airlines and Scoot do not fly from these cities…not yet. But booking can still be done, and you will still be flown via Silk Air and Tiger. If you are in doubt, this coming March 24, you may check the airplane you will be riding on. I’m sure it will be tiger air. πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Rey! Thank you. I got what you mean. You are counting as airplanes physically landed in Mactan. You are all correct. I’m glad to hear feeback from you guys directly here. 😊
      While I counted as per website booking, schedule difference and rates regardless of who operated the flights. Yes only 5 physically will land to Mactan.


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