Yoga Mat Review – “Affirmats” I Am Wonderfully Made

Just happy that I am finally back to mat. I have rested after my old mat was spoiled.

Now, I have to redeem myself from too much eating that caused me to gain weight especially on my middle part. Uuuh forever girls problem.

I got a replacement from Ethically Clothed. I love that they provide sustainable products that are carefully hand-crafted and promote ethical fashion and vegan fashion.

I’ve already used my new mat for light abs workout (video below) and yoga at home. These two are my favorite exercises. I make sure that I own a mat  so when I don’t have time to go to studio, I can do a quick exercise at home.
affirmats yoga mataffirmats yoga matYou can see the bottom side is made from an all-natural rubber that provides more cushion.



I love that the mat has a phrase on it. It serves as a reminder how wonderful we are.

The grip is so good that I don’t slip while doing my yoga poses. It always stay on placed, too. The thickness is comfortable enough and it won’t be too heavy to bring for outdoor/garden yoga.

Affirmats Features:

  • Mixed media yoga mat.
  • Two-toned jute material with solid PVC bottom.
  • “I am wonderfully made” printed on mat.
  • Free of phthalates, latex and heavy metals.
  • Slip-resistant material.
  • Jute/ECO-PVC blend.


  • Size: 25″ x 69″
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Color: Autumn Orange

affirmats yoga mat

affirmats yoga mat

Yoga Mat:
Shoes & Outfit: Nike



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