5 Plants For Bedroom That Will Give You A Goodnight Sleep

I love indoor plants in general. It always gives me positive energy and so refreshing to the eyes. I want it in every area of the house — living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and even comfort room.

I’ve tried to have little pots in our flat before but being an OFW and NPA (no permanent address heheh!) It’s not easy to keep plants when you have to transfer from one flat to another. But, I am thinking to get one for our room.

Indoor plants, not only they add life to our home, they are decorative too. It can increase oxygen levels in your home and create a comfortable atmosphere. While, it comes with some great benefits.

If you have a problem with sleeping at night, you may consider having plants in your bedroom. Here are few of the easy-to-grow house plants.


1. Lavender
For centuries, lavender has been known to help reduce anxiety and stress, as well as slow your heart rates. This calming property is what draws people to use lavender essential oils for a great bedtime routine. But having the plant in your room will keep you calm all night long.

aloe vera

2. Aloe Vera
Studies have shown that aloe plants release a ton of oxygen at night. This pop of oxygen in the air can help fight insomnia and will help your body stay peaceful as you dream.

snake plant

3. Snake Plant
Just like aloe, the snake plant also releases more oxygen at night than during the day. This improves your rooms’s air quality and can make breathing easier on your body.

english ivy

4. English Ivy
Ivy is one of the best (and easiest to grow) plants for bettering the quality of the air. The ivy soaks up toxins in the air and emits healthy, helpful oxygen. In fact, English Ivy can reduce airborne mold by up to 94%, you’ll breathe easy with this plant in your room.


5. White Jasmine
Not only does jasmine smells great in your room, but its powerful scent has several natural healing properties. Jasmine has been used for thousands of years to help with sleep and reduce your anxiety.

Now, will you consider having one in your room? Let’s talk in the comment below!


Photos: Stadshem, Lovely Life, Nordic Days, Today, Hito Hana, Avso, Gardenia
Source: Health Eternally



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