Indonesian Food To Try In Batam

My favorite is the second. 

I had a weekend getaway with friends few months ago in Batam, Indonesia. I find this local food very interesting and you should try too when you have a chance. I think, it’s readily available in most food center.




Well known dishes that are also available in any Indonesian Restaurants in Singapore. Shall I say, “the authentic” looks and taste different. It’s plain and simple fried food paired with nice and super spicy dip. Ayam means chicken and Ikan is fish.




My favorite!  🙂 It’s a simple dish that uses beef and potatoes as main ingredients but it’s soooooo Yuuummeeey! Rich spicy-beef soup, nice to pair with white rice.

Thanks to my good friend for recommending this to me.



indonesian food


Friend anchovy topped with green chili. It’s crispy with super-duper spicy kick.

I would like to try the Indonesian Rendang and Satay on my next visit. If you have any Indonesian food to suggest for me to try, please drop a comment below. 🙂


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