Quan Fa Organic Farm Tour – Discount Code For You & Catch The Weekly Promo

Sharing snaps from my organic farm visit and how you can shop with discounted price.

I am happy to be away from hustle and bustle and feel the nature at the quaint part of Singapore, Kranji Countryside where Quan Fa Organic Farm is located. Since 1999, they have been cultivating all sorts of organically grown vegetables and fruits. Over the years, it has positively grown to one of the leading distributors in Singapore today.

Organic foods are the healthiest choice we can make. Free of harmful chemicals, bursting with more nutrition and it’s tastier. Another good thing is that organic farming supports eco-sustenance. They are farming in harmony with nature.

The farm applies Compost System. This method is originated from Japanese technique using a unique culturing medium to eliminate obnoxious odors of raw materials. It doesn’t used external substances such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Hence, producing high quality vegetables and fruits.

To ensure the freshness, Quan Fa does all the harvesting and packaging in the morning.

I got home happily with bags full of freshly packed organic veggies. I will share with you on a separate post the meals I have prepared out of it. And I got a quick fix sunflower seeds with soil and planted it at home.


Quan Fa Farm is also divided into four areas.


quan fa farmquan fa farmquan fa farmWe had picked and tried these sprouts. I think the wasabi is nice with salad.


quan fa farmquan fa farmquan fa farmquan fa farmquan fa farmquan fa farmquan fa farmThey have pest management in placed. Quan Fa uses nets to cover and protect veggies from birds and insects. While, yellow flags and blue traps are placed around the farm to catch insects.


quan fa farm quan fa farmCompost is made of waste produce collected from weeding, harvesting, processing, packaging and even selling. These mini mountains of compost are left for months to let natural decomposition process by micro-organisms to occur and use it as natural fertilizers.


quan fa farm quan fa farm quan fa farmDifferent vegetables are also grown inside the green houses. Basically to segregate and protect them from any harmful organism.

Here’s a good news!

You can shop at their website and enjoy 10% discount by entering QuanfaOrganicFarm code upon check out. (Not valid for promotional items and dried goods. One-time use per customer.). They have weekly promotion too.

Quan Fa Organic Farm
35 Murai Farmway Singapore 709145
Phone: (-65) 6793 7693
Fax: (+65) 6794 2172
Email: info@quanfa.com.sg
Website: http://www.quanfaorganic.com.sg



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