Secret Dream Career: Photoshoot With My First Model Czareen Antoinette

This cutie patootie 5th birthday last week, so I’ve decided to share few of my favorite shots I took years back with my point and shot camera.

This will be my lifetime souvenir for her that she can look back when she’s already aged enough to understand and see how cute she has been.

At the back of my mind, I was feeling like “Holly” Jennifer Lopez character in one of my favorite movies “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”. She’s a baby photographer in the film.

To become a baby, toddler, kids and family portrait PHOTOGRAPHER IS MY SECRET DREAM RETIREMENT CAREER (today it’s no longer a secret 🙂 ). It has to be caps and bold so the universe would hear me loud. Heheheh!

During Reean’s (her nickname) outdoor shoot I’ve realized that it’s super hard to photograph a toddler. She constantly moved, so we have to run here and there. It’s so challenging to catch her attention too.

We have to bring few of her favorite toys to make her cooperate in the shoot but it’s not what it seems did happen. While, her daddy, mommy and tita Camille were acting like funny clowns just to get her look at me. Hahaha!

It was funny and happy day for us. And my first ever trying hard shoot and hopefully not the last.

Nevertheless, you have to agree with me to this, heheh! — I really think I took few nice shots of her, good enough for my first toddler shoot. 🙂

Do you think I have the edge to pursue this and make my dream retirement career come true? I’d love to hear your comment at the end of this post.

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